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Completely Unnecessary

Artist - Steve Greenberg

In other news, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is a jackass.

I suppose that's not news.

It goes without saying, but some of the dumbest shit imaginable was said by Republicans on today's political talk shows. More on that tomorrow.

  • Calvus
  • KAboink

    OOPS! Republicans suddenly realized:
    1) The Rev. Wright issue is old news and had little effect the first time.
    2) They would be forced to talk about the Mormon ‘magic underwear’ and why Romney’s family chose to leave the US for Mexico in order for his Grandpa to keep all his wives.

  • muselet

    Reince Priebus doesn’t have a lot to work with, so a measure of desperation is to be expected; however, blaming the Obama administration and Obama campaign for the ad proposal from the Ending Spending Action Fund is well into the realm of delusion.

    Priebus should never be taken seriously again (unfortunately, he will be).


  • mrbrink

    Republicans only want to talk about the issues. Wasteful spending and Obama’s failure to work with Republicans on the economy… now watch this $10 million dollar ad featuring Rev. Wright.

  • LK3

    I saw Paul Ryan’s inane (insane?) , dumb appearance on Meet the Press. I had to turn it off until Cory Booker showed on the screen. I truly do wonder what Tim Russert would have done with some of these crazies….

    • drsquid

      Let them talk without challenge, like he usually did.

      • mrbrink

        I’d much rather have Tim Russert than David Gregory.

        Dick Cheney should be charged with war crimes if for no other reason than his answers to Tim Russert’s questioning during his Sept. 2003 interview.

        I encourage everyone who thinks Tim Russert failed us to go read the transcripts from just that one interview.

        Take that journey. It’s all there. From Tim calling him out for his “being greeted as liberators” assertion, to false claims of WMD’s, to the falsely estimated costs to taxpayers(shout out to Mitch Daniels, Paul Bremer, Paul Wolfowitz who should be right beside Cheney in a federal prison); the estimated costs in lives and troop levels– to the denials of tying Iraq to Al Qaeda and 9/11 while simultaneously tying Iraq to Al Qaeda and 9/11. Halliburton and war profiteering. “Mission Accomplished.”

        On cooked up intelligence and Joe Wilson:

        Cheney: like I say, I don’t know Mr. Wilson. I probably shouldn’t judge him. I have no idea who hired him and it never came…

        Russert: The CIA did.

        Cheney: Who in the CIA, I don’t know.

        On the economy, Tim Russert asks:

        Mr. Vice President, the economy and the Bush-Cheney record. The day you took office, Inauguration Day, as compared to now. Dow Jones is down 11 percent. Unemployment rate is up 49 percent. A $281 billion surplus is now a $500 billion plus deficit. Jobs, net loss of 2.6 million. The debt is up 20 percent and still growing. How can you run for re-election on that record?

        Looking back, it really is amazing that republicans can still be taken seriously when they ridicule president Obama for claiming he fudged the numbers predicting less than 8% unemployment after the recovery act. How petty those claims are in light of Republicans lies past.

        Nothing personal– a general public defense– to counter the idea that Tim Russert was some sort of media crumb-bum. He was much better than he’s given credit for, if only for this interview with war criminal Dick Cheney.