Rush Limbaugh

Fiscal Conservatives Never Waste Taxpayer Money

Except they always do. For example:

The Missouri House “spent more than $1,100 in taxpayer money on a security camera to keep watch over a new bronze bust of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh.” The small-government conservative talk show-host was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians during a closed-door ceremony last week. He joined the ranks of “President Harry Truman, Walt Disney and former Cardinals baseball star Stan Musial.”

No wasteful spending there. Nope.

Ironically, the solid bronze bust weighs less than Limbaugh's actual head.

  • RS Janes

    Not to mention ‘America’s Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio cavalierly responding “So what?” when asked about taxpayers footing part of the bill for his nutty-buddy birther investigation. I’d like to think I read this stuff in The Onion, but they can’t keep up with the Republican version of reality.

  • Broadway Carl

    Really? A bust memorializing Rush Limbaugh and elevating him to Truman and Musial status? I hope the surrounded his bust with likenesses of Josephine Baker and Dred Scott – that would be sweet, perverted justice.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Ironically, the solid bronze bust weighs less than Limbaugh’s actual ass.”

    Fixed for accuracy, Bob. Limbaugh’s head is empty and is actually filled with helium or some form of hot air.