War On Women

Go Chris Matthews!

Matthews had Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers on his show last night -- she happens to oppose the Violence Against Women Act. When she called the Democratic version of the bill which protects same-sex couples a "side issue," Matthews responded:

MATTHEWS: Well, they`re not side issues if you`re getting beat up by your partner. That`s not a side issue, it`s your life.

When Matthews pays attention, he nails these idiots every time. It's a blast to watch -- until he kisses Halperin's hackish ass, then the fun ends.

By the way, while the bill is extraordinarily important, it's very poorly named. We want to get members of Congress to oppose "violence against women" -- but with the title, it could be said that representative X voted for "violence against women" when in fact he or she voted against "violence against women" by voting for The Violence Against Women Act. Get it? The title of the bill should be framed in a way that makes it harder for members to vote against it. Something like the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, or the Spousal Abuse Prevention Act, or the Preventing Violence Against Women Act. No one wants to be accused of being against preventing domestic violence. The name should directly correlate to what it is -- not the opposite of what it is.

Okay. Sorry for the framing rant. Moving on...

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YJTRJCOIMLAN6EARLFOQXJHDF4 Roxanne

    That was awesome Bob! I had no trouble following what you were saying since I was watching Hardball when this GOP Stepford bot was on. It was hilarious. My sister and I were very pleased and you’re right; when Chris is paying attention he crushes these tools though, I too could really do without his sucking up to Halperin. I notice that there are several other people he does this too so, I’m not sure how sincere it is. He’s pretty funny though. We loved it during the 2008 campaign when Chris played clips of Palin blathering on during one of her word salad feasts and when the clip was done and they cut back to Chris, he’d take a deep breath, then, let it out like an exasperated, dissapointed, parent and say “What Is She Talking About? She Doesn’t Know Anything?” He sometimes does it to other Republicans idiots too. It’s fun to watch.