Rush Limbaugh

Here's Something That Will Totally Piss You Off

I give you Rush Limbaugh defending Bush's flight suit stunt, while criticizing the president for being "narcissistic."

Everyone in politics, including and especially Limbaugh, are narcissistic. Not news. What's also interesting here is that Limbaugh knows he's contradicting himself. He knows it. And yet he doesn't care. The goal is to antagonize, so it's not just about the remarks themselves, but it's also the contradictions. He knows the inconsistency will piss us off, too. This is it. The entire strategy of the conservative movement anymore: say anything that will piss off liberals, even if it sounds crazy, hypocritical and contradictory.

  • muselet

    I’m not pissed off by what Limbaugh says. Just bored and slightly puzzled.

    Specifically, I’m puzzled by Limbaugh recycling the “it wasn’t Bush’s idea to put up that ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner” lie, since the GWB administration admitted it was their idea (yes, they tried out five or six alternate explanations first, but they eventually ‘fessed up). Okay, Righties love to rewrite history—they’re very, very bad at it, but they love to do it—but this takes the practice to a whole new low.

    And I doubt Rush Limbaugh is being “pestered by a bunch of leftists” about anything. Maybe the voices in his head are getting restive.


  • missliberties

    Shock jock and outrage bubble boy. I wonder if it would work if we did not pay attention to it.

    Media matters is founded on highlighting this outrage.

    The Koch Bros stay underground and are much more effective than the left’s constant outrage at the rights extremism.

  • caribbeanobserver

    Sorry to say, but I didn’t realise that Rush Limbaugh was ‘in politics’. What a crock!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    If Rush Limbaugh is allowed to say this kind of crap on the air without retribution, then it’s only fair we say he’s a filthy pedophile because of his vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

    Guess which of the two is much closer to the truth?

  • laddieluv

    OK. I cannot “listen” to Limpballs. (Can hardly read his “chit.”)

    Bad for my heart. (I’ll be 67 in two weeks. Am so “depressed.” :))

    Would anyone be so kind as to “paraphrase/synopsize” what the vile pile of bile says? Realizing there’s no logic. Just twisted hatred.

    And his followers drink the kool aid. No matter what.

    Now that’s depressing.

    • gescove

      “Vile Pile of Bile.” Now that’s an apt description. Nicely alliterative, too.

  • eljefejeff

    you’re right Bob, that DID piss me off

  • GrafZeppelin127

    The entire strategy of the conservative movement anymore: say anything that will piss off liberals[.]

    That pretty much sums it up. “Pissing off liberals” seems to be the #1 priority, even higher on the list than “getting Republicans elected” and certainly higher than “enacting conservative policies” or “understanding current events, history, law, civics, economics, democracy, science or the English language.”

  • Draxiar

    It’s my opinion that particualr strategy will also be a large part of their undoing.