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Jackass The Mogul

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has reportedly diverted $160,000 in campaign contributions to his legal defense fund because he might be under investigation and possibly facing indictment regardless of whether or not he is successfully recalled from office.

  • ninjaf

    I have a theory on why Romney likes Trump. Trump allows Romney to deny birthers and court them at the same time – kind of like his VP pick is supposed to be his attack dog. Trump is Romney’s crazy talking parrot that he can deny training. “Oh, THAT? Not sure where he learned to say that. He was saying that when we brought him home. We can’t get him to shut up about it, though.”

    (Or am I late to the party on this theory?)

    • mrbrink

      That’s an interesting theory. Likely, too.

      I think Donald Trump is the closest Mitt Romney will ever get to having any sort of billionaire “street cred.”

      When I look at Romney’s whole campaign, it’s like a nostalgic appeal to the emptiness and greed of the Reagan 80’s. The shallow veneer of a president as portrayed by a b-actor. He’s channeling fantasy-Reagan.

      Romney is living in 1980 running against Jimmy Carter. Trump is a throwback to those idiot-80’s when Robin Leach was a household name.

      Whenever something breaks out in the world, or the president does something overseas, whether it’s the Chines defector, pulling out of Iraq, Libya, Syria, whatever, if you listen really closely to Mitt Romney’s empty and ignorant knee jerk reactions, you can almost hear him say, “If my partners and I at Bain Capitol are elected president, I will sign an Executive Order on Day 1 ending the American hostage crisis in Iran once and for all!”

      Like John McCain in 2008 declaring, “we’re all Georgians today!”

      Republican presidential nominees, like Romney and McCain, act like they’re going to end the Cold War all over again, even if they have to reinvent it.

      • Scopedog

        “Republican presidential nominees, like Romney and McCain, act like they’re going to end the Cold War all over again, even if they have to reinvent it.”

        That’s my worry–they’ll want to start it up all over again just to flex their military muscles, no matter the cost.

        • mrbrink

          Romney’s already said he intends to beef up defense spending. For what? I think that represents the silent underpinning of his whole campaign. An eagerness to fool enough swing voters into believing in the right’s fantasy Reagan they’ve worked so hard to maintain, appealing to our empty nostalgia to eventually get away with a series of those failed recollections Reagan got away with while his administration was running guns and drugs out the backdoor.

          It’s like we’re supposed to preemptively forgive him for the stupid shit he intends to do because we essentially forgave Reagan. Like, “remember how we all felt when Reagan did this or said that? Yeah? that’s how I want you to feel about me.”

  • Guest

    Here’s an interesting article for Mr white coolie Cesca, about the coming race war.

    And when it does come, you leftists are going to be very sorry for downplaying black on white crime.

    Do you really believe that we don’t know what is going on? Because we know exactly what your “black brothers” are doing.

    • mrbrink

      You’re a fucking psychopath.

      The white man already won the race war. You’re just beating a dead horse, now.

    • Scopedog


    • Victor_the_Crab

      Too much Fox News and Limbaugh will rot your brain like that. But then again, if your brain wasn’t so sub normal to begin with, you wouldn’t be spouting off racist gobbledygook like you just did, pissdrip.