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Artist - Bill Day

In other news, three men have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism for allegedly planning to attack OFA's Chicago headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home with Molotov cocktails.

  • Curtis Robert Tyree

    I’m sure the media will say that this is just another isolated incident.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Actually I was thinking that the media, particularly Faux News will act like this is either 1) an example in a string of leftwing violent acts or 2) a ploy by the President to gain sympathy. Either way, the media still sucks.

      • Scopedog

        Or you could expect stalwarts like Lindorff or Greenwald to howl that this was really all a government plot, set up by the man who’s worse than Bush.

        As more facts come in, I’m sure we’ll get a better picture, but don’t be surprised to hear cries of entrapment, along with the usual Faux News horse manure.

        (And truth be told, it’s getting very hard to tell FN apart from GG’s crap.)

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Fox News should just go ahead and throw big bucks GG’s way to make him their new token liberal.