Open Thread


Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle blocked Florida Governor Rick Scott's voter suppression law today which put into place restrictions that prevented third-parties from registering voters.

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  • mrbrink

    Republicans and Mitt Romney are so fucking pathetic. This whole pile of shit campaign they’re running and trying to get away with– their top to bottom intellectual dishonesty, debunked economics, phony grassroots, pro-pollution, anti-labor, all the dirty ad money being wasted on lies, the harboring of blatantly racist, women-hating homophobes…

    And here’s President Obama:

    Steered the country out of the worst recession in our lifetime.

    Got us out of Iraq

    Got Bin Laden.

    Kicked open the doors of the criminal health insurance industry.

    Got some Wall Street regulation done.

    Appointed two very good justices to the Supreme Court.

    Saved the American auto industry.

    Getting us out of Afghanistan.

    Reduced nuclear weapons.

    Signed several major pieces of historical civil rights legislation and has done really outstanding work all around… but Mitt Romney and the GOP can take it from here.

    Thanks for cleaning all that up, but Mitt’s here, now, to… lead the country in the opposite direction just for the dumb-stubborn fuck of it?

    The giant has been vanquished, the dragon slayed, the princess rescued, the kingdom returning to its senses, but here comes Mitt Romney riding in on a dressage horse after the battle of our lifetime has been fought, and he’s here to save the day.

    Fuck off.