Politics Is Weird and Stupid

Mostly stupid.

Yes, members of Congress are talking to us like we're idiots. However, way too many voters are, indeed, idiots.

(via Buzz Burbank)

  • mdblanche

    People were commenting on the low grade level for for the last State of the Union address. It looks like the President knew his audience.

    • IrishGrrrl

      The Pres will never Wii. On this score. If h speaks in his normal professorial manner and level they claim he is arrogant, elitist and cannot reach the verge voter. If he dumbs it down, like he did in the last SOU, he is criticized for assuming his audience is so dumb. He can’t win for losing, as my Mama used to say.

  • Corebela

    Read this a couple days ago but still I’m wondering what makes the difference between grade 10 and grade 11 speaking habits. A few big words? If anyone knows I’d live to know too.