Romney Economics

The Obama campaign debuted today, and the first main feature is the story of Kansas City's GST steel mill which we've discussed here before in the past.

After GST was purchased by Bain Capital during Mitt Romney's time as CEO, the integrity of the business was compromised in an effort to boost short-term profits, leaving the company with more debt than it could handle. The mill eventually closed and the pensions of those who worked there were had to be covered by the government after Romney's Bain picked the carcass clean.

To tell the story, OFA released this video

GST had been in business since 1888. Then Bain showed up.

It's amusing that the Obama campaign is content to run on Romney's record as it is stands even if Romney isn't. Many of the signature accomplishments achieved during his time as governor are off-limits because they aren't acceptable to today's Republican party.

And on the subject of Bain capital, following today's release from OFA, the Romney campaign has officially downgraded the claim that Romney created 100,000 jobs. The number now stands at "thousands."

Romney's opponents seem to paint a clearer picture of his record than he does.

  • IrishGrrrl

    That was very powerful! The emotion of those workers is real…that’s not acting. I am going to really push this vid to my conservative friends and family.

  • gescove

    Powerful. Perfect. More please!