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Romney Education

Artist - Dave Granlund

In other news, I found something I can agree with George Will on. I agree that Donald Trump is a "bloviating ignoramus."

I also don't believe Romney has anything to gain by being seen with him, so I will encourage him to keep going! You're doing great!

  • mrbrink

    Fuck Wit Mitt Riff

    Hi there, my fellow Americans, family, friends, pets, job creators, cold call salesmen, conservative billionaires, hangers on, and death threat extremists. Mitt Romney, here. As a non-working successful businessman, I would be honored and grateful to be your first American businessman president and will cherish this opportunity to lead you to the jobs and the kind of freedom we all used to have. You know, when Republican Party President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves at the Gettysburg Address, he did so in a dark time in American history, when industry was under attack by too many government agents and regulations, and states were coming under attack for their very liberty and freedoms. And while many hard working families in this country were forced underground, fearing their government coming in and separating them from their inalienable right to employ workers, America’s dreams were eventually lost to the nightmare of government mandated compensation and profit-crushing earning controls.

    As it was then, so it is now, in these very, very divided times, when this president has chosen to attack the very notion of wealth’s freedom and jobs in this country, destroying our very freedom to create and hire hard working Americans, and women. I want to put Americans back to work immediately. Starting with my first day in office. We’ll sign and Executive order to make it a constitutional amendment to have to find employment, so we can once again look poverty in the face with individual freedom and the confidence of Ronald Reagan. You, the American people, who take all the courageous fast car risks and create none of the Democrat party’s roadkill jobs have been seeing your shares in the American dream lost to this president’s failed policies, and the time has come to pay the bill, quite frankly. I like rivers and the parks and Davy Crockett, but in these times of burdening out of control government spending and crippling debt, I’d like to talk to you today about a simply marvelous opportunity in Shareholder Equity Liquidation Gated Community Time Shares. My partners and I here at Bain Capital have a put together a generous offer pamphlet for you, relieving you of the government burdens of elections, voting, taxes, healthcare, infrastructure, education, anti-business regulations, and we’d like you to take a moment to think it over while we run these informative ads circulating in the aisles of your communities right now. Our first step would be to of course consolidate the waste and fraud this president has failed to go after to pay down this president’s criminal debt to society in increments and lump sums, and incremental lump sums, and to combine the Department of Energy, Education, Labor, and the office of the Vice President. The military will now fall under my subservience to the American Death Star Alliance and the Congress will promptly be reorganized under Executive order as the, “Congressional Association of Good Businessmen and Freedom Commerce.” We will have to downsize the government for future savings and a great deal of our ongoing consulting costs to match the freedom all Americans deserve will be paid for by a more simplified tax plan. A national sales tax, Living wage tax, voting tax, security camera tax, administrative tax, Internet usage tax, Licensing tax, Sin tax, unemployment tax, Water tax, and all applicable taxes and fees will be paid for by allowing more hard working Americans to keep their earnings.

    This won’t be easy, as the president has promised us 8% unemployment if we just passed his stimulus package, Great American job creators like Boeing, Exxon/Mobil, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Koch Industries, Hewlett Packard, Monday Night Raw, Donald Trump, and Ted Nugent are all looking around in fearful uncertainty, and wondering, “so where are all the jobs?” This president doesn’t have any answers because he has attacked employers and their workers and their right to work all across this country and it’s time they got to work. I once saw a man kiss another man and it was the most beautiful thing I ever witnessed. Don’t agree with it. Won’t condone it. That’s just where we as Americans can agree to disagree because it goes against everything my wife Ann, a modern day woman whose up on the latest gossip and social trends in stay-at-home Mom-enomics, believes as I do in one man and one very independent voice for women everywhere woman. And, as your president, I believe, as one man and one woman, in one man and one woman. The American people have the right to protect our religious freedoms with nothing less than a constitutional amendment declaring once and for all that marriage is between one man and one woman, and abortions are people, too. But unfortunately, this president doesn’t want to talk about the issues, like his job-crippling debt and deficits run up a tree and lynched at the flowering root by his agitating job-killing government regulations like, Obamacare and Dodd Frank, which we will repeal with an Executive Order on Day 1. This president’s failed entitlement deficit spending taxing and high taxes alone have bankrupted this country’s dreams. Debt to GDP has doubled. Tripled! This president’s like an angry sea monster out of control stomping on the American economy and snatching coin purses like a street corner pimp tapped out and hopped up on reefer. It’s madness. And that’s my focus. Jobs and the economy. All Business. Nothing personal in this election. Tackling the issues of the day, putting America back on top of the fiscally responsible pyramid, where this president is afraid to lead and instead punishing guaranteed success and our traditions of celebrating the wealth and success of others. In my administration, I will reward only the successful with lower deficits, less spending, lower taxes, higher exceptionalism, less regulations, entitlement spending reform, more growth, better success, Unity, dominating strength, tough decisions, and laughing at my religion is unfair.

    Because I’m excited about this president’s failures, I want you to be excited for me. Excited for America, but scared. Fearful of our shared hardships to come. Because this president came into office as a failed president and has proven it time and time again and he has failed more Americans than any president in our lifetime. His lofty speeches and inability to inspire dreams of success are dangerous. I and my gifted associates at Bain Capital intend to inspire and lead and usher in a whole new generation to bring this country back to a new age of appreciation for employer rights and worker subordination, fiscal restraint, and productive productivity of products. The way America used to be before the unions and liberal special interests got in the way of more Americans realizing the American dream. And until communist Russia finally knows we mean business, this president is weak on crime and tyranny and Hugo Chavez and has given aid and comfort to the tyranny of the disenfranchised around the globe. Emboldened our enemies and bowing like the house servant to the Emperor of Japan. I will never bow to our servants or enemies, and I will never take no for an answer, and I will never compromise with terror, and we will rise again like the winds in the south and my partners and I at Bain Capital will restore the future for all American investors everywhere the tyranny of the disenfranchised is on the move.

    Because I know what the American people are thinking. They’re thinking about jobs and the economy and this president’s failures. And now I know they’re thinking: “Mitt, what’s in it for you? What do you get for all that expertise and exceptionally inspiring message of pro-freedom and free markets and exceptionalism, domineering strength, family man, businessman, power point speaker, avid reader of thoughts, not afraid to wear blue jeans, innocently droll prankster, Winter Olympics planner, religious zoning permits, dreams of tomorrow, I like pie?

    As your president, I would say to that, I finally get to be your president and put America to work for our dreams. And on this Memorial Day, I’d like to take the time to remind all Americans to thank our job loving American defense creators for the freedom of our troops to fight in wars like heroes. Gosh-golly, bless America!

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