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Romney Fever Sweeps the Nation!

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Yesterday, Mitt Romney received another pulse-poundingly enthusiastic endorsement. This time from former President George W. Bush, who could barely contain his incurable case of Romney Fever when he said: "I'm for Mitt Romney."

And that was all.

It kind of reminded me of that viral video in which a kid is asked by a reporter about his zombie face-paint and he responds, "I like turtles." Well, yes, that's nice. Bush is for Romney. And...?

Of course Bush is for Mitt Romney -- they're both spoiled, entitled, wealthy, conservative, dickish frat boy sons of famous politicians. But Bush clearly doesn't have anything else to say about the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Bush isn't known to be a wordy talker, but perhaps his endorsement was so obviously concise because there's really nothing else to say about Romney.... Continued here.

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