Open Thread

The Great Leap Backward

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law today a ban on abortions after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest.

  • mrbrink

    So, Romney’s ad on the side says, “It’s Time To Put Americans Back To Work.”

    I have a few quick comments.

    1) I think we’re headed for some sort of Chinese-style poverty wage field/mining/oil drilling work for America Inc. where President CEO Romney imposes taxes on the labor force to pay for the new national Public Address system that will provide us with all the pre-recorded self-help tips for being a wealthy success that we can worship in a 20 hour work day. You know? For morale!

    2) How is a president supposed to put Americans back to work, exactly? The mere suggestion contradicts Mitt Romney and the GOP insistence that the government doesn’t create jobs, and any interference in private sector job creation is communism.

    3) His record on job creation as Governor of Massachusetts was near to last in the country. His license to brag about being a job creator has been revoked by the facts.

    4) The phrase, “Back To Work” stands out in the ad, which comes off a little bossy and anti-democratic, if you ask me. I don’t want to go to work in the Romney fields, man!

    5) I think Mitt Romney wants to be America’s slave trading pimp-daddy, rather than the leader of a democratic republic, putting all non-corporate-people moochers and welfare queens back to work on the corners of Wall Street and Broadway.

    6) Republican legislatures causing fear and panic in a rush to austerity across the country have cut about 600,000 public sector jobs over the last few years, suffocating recovery and off-setting private sector gains to give the appearance that the unemployment rate is the direct result of president Obama’s “failed policies.” This is sabotage. When some idiot explains that the unemployment rate under Bush was much lower, you could remind them that it’s due in large part to the cumulative gains in the public sector workforce under Bush, which was around +900,000. Whereas, under president Obama, the cumulative losses in the public sector workforce are -590,000. Public sector employment propped up the shitty Bush economy, and they all still think they’re better job creators than Obama. That’s like taking a victory lap after you broke your competitions’ legs.

    7) Mitt Romney hasn’t had a real job in years. Whatever he knows about “Putting Americans Back To Work” can only amount to bullshit.