The Truth

The truth, according to Donald Trump, is that President Obama was "born in Kenya."

In an interview with the Daily Beast published today, Donald Trump asserts that Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States. Trump told Lloyd Grove, “That’s the way life works… He didn’t know he was running for president, so he told the truth. The literary agent wrote down what he said… He said he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia… Now they’re saying it was a mistake. Just like his Kenyan grandmother said he was born in Kenya, and she pointed down the road to the hospital, and after people started screaming at her she said, ‘Oh, I mean Hawaii.’ Give me a break.”

Oh. Well, that settles it then. We can all go home. The president was born in Kenya.

Trump, meanwhile, while he's not busy delivering the stone tablets of birtherism, will be hosting a major fundraiser for Mitt Romney on Tuesday alongside Newt "Kenyan Anti-Colonial" Gingrich.

This should be held around the Romney campaign's neck.

  • RS Janes

    Trump also believes he would be Romney’s best choice for veep. As Jean-Luc Picard might say, “Make it so.” PLEASE!

  • mrbrink

    “And you fired Gary Busey…Busey…Busey…”

  • Treading_Water

    Since his mother was a US citizen, even if he had been born in Kenya it wouldn’t change anything. A child born to a US citizen abroad is still a citizen. They even passed a resolution reaffirming that in order to support John McCains candidacy even though he was born in Panama. It’s the same thing with his not being a Muslim. Even if he were, it wouldn’t change anything since there can’t be any religious test for office in the US.

    • Scopedog

      That’s very true, TW, and it is common sense if you know the Constitution and the laws behind US citizenship.

      But unfortunately, the birthers have shown that they are lacking common sense and knowledge of the Constitution and US citizenship laws.

  • trgahan

    Donald Trump everyone…the man who can’t run a casino profitably.

  • Ned F

    You know, at this point I wouldn’t care if President Obama was born in “Uzbekabekastan”, educated in France and smuggled into the U.S. from Red China. I still would rather have this intelligent, astute and prudent “foreigner” running this country than one of these bozos.
    This is an election for President of the United States, not an interview for the CEO of AmericaCorp.