Election 2012

Weird and Creepy in Las Vegas

Politics is weird and creepy.

Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich are headlining an expensive fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Las Vegas next week. Two men who have, at one point or another, been impressively critical of Mitt Romney.

Billionaire real estate investor and television personality Donald Trump is hosting a pricey fundraiser for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Las Vegas next Tuesday and Newt Gingrich is expected to make an appearance, Yahoo News has learned.

"Newt is expected to be there along with many other well known people," Michael Cohen, Trump's special counsel, told Yahoo News.

To co-chair the fundraiser at Trump International Hotel, supporters are required to raise $250,000 on behalf of Romney's presidential campaign, according to the invitation to the event. A VIP reception with Romney costs $10,000 and the minimum donation to attend is $2,500.

Trump, who officially endorsed Romney in February, will play "a significant role" at the fundraiser, Cohen said.

Donald Trump reignited the latest wave of Birtherism when he sent his private investigators to Hawaii to ascertain the truth about President Obama's birthplace, and those investigators never reported back so I can only assume they're still out there somewhere searching. And Trump, who has a good relationship with "the blacks," also recently encouraged Mitt Romney to hit the president on Reverend Wright.

And Newt Gingrich is Newt Gingrich. He spearheaded the effort to question Romney's record at Bain Capital before Democrats even had a chance to and spent a significant portion of his campaign calling for child janitors in public schools.

Is this the best Romney has? These men have little to no investment in a Romney presidency. Their sole motivation is remaining relevant and profitable. They're using Mitt Romney just as much as he's using them. Maybe they deserve each other for that reason.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Trump dispatched his investigators a year ago. You’ll notice we haven’t heard a thing about all the “amazing” stuff they were uncovering since Obama released his long form BC.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And since President Obama torched The Donald at the WHCD a year ago, a day before he announced that they got Osama Bin Laden.

  • Claude Weaver

    Is it wrong to hope that Trump’s “investigators” got to Hawaii, realized they were on what amounted to an all-expenses paid vacation, and promptly dumped that birther bullshit to go parasailing?

    • http://twitter.com/DethPickles David

      I was thinking something similar re: the guys sent from Arizona. “Uh, yeah Sherriff I’m working with some state officials here in Hawaii. No, those aren’t waves you hear in the background!”

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Jon Stewart laid it out brilliantly a while ago.