Americans Love Delicious Chemical Tacos

Big news from Taco Bell:

Taco Bell announced last Friday that its Doritos Locos Tacos — that's a taco with a nacho cheese-flavored Doritos shell — has been sold over 100 million times in the last 10 weeks, becoming the company's most successful product launch ever.

That title previously belonged to the Crunchwrap, which was unveiled in 2005 and did so well that it became a permanent menu item the following year.

I will never eat one of these horrible food products, but I'd be lying if I told you this story doesn't make me hungry. Hungry for a real taco from a real restaurant that isn't trying to slowly kill me with unnamed poisons.

(via Ashby)

  • Lazarus Durden

    I just got back from a trip to Naples, Italy, and Paris, France. The difference in taste alone from our food is stark. The food in Europe tastes so much better, and when you walk the streets of Paris you see an American fast food place here and there, but they are the exception not the norm.

    When you stack up the American diet against other cultures it’s just sad. We eat garbage.

  • muselet

    Tangentially related.


  • chris castle

    Taco Bell is certainly terrible for you, but damn does it taste good…

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Haven’t eaten at a Taco Bell in God knows how long, and I’m not sure if I ever will. I tend to stay away from the majority of these fast food chains as they have “suck” all over them. I once tried a KFC Double Down “sandwich” just for kicks. I’ll never do that again!

  • Robert Scalzi

    The best Tacos don’t come from a restaurant Bob, they come from Taco trucks that are on every other block in Oakland.. .It’s Taco Heaven here !!

  • Chez Pazienza

    Out here we have Del Taco, to say nothing of dozens of really fantastic stand-alone taco shops — all of which are admittedly much better than Taco Bell. That said, when that whole controversy erupted over whether Taco Bell was using real meat or whatever, my response was — yeah, so? It tastes good. I like it. I usually eat it at two in the morning anyway. Just eat, for fuck’s sake — everything’s eventually going to kill you. (Said with love)

    • Lazarus Durden

      Very true. On a long enough time line our survivability is reduced to zero. However while I’m here I’d like to have a better quality of life. I’ve eaten my share of fast food over the years, and with all the additives they put in it yeah it tastes good. But I feel like absolute shit afterward, not to mention the weight gain, aching joints, health problems, and just lack of quality of life from not being able to enjoy a hike, play a sport, or reduced mental awareness from a crappy diet.

      So yeah something will eventually kill you, however you can enjoy the time you have much more with a good diet and exercise.

      That doesn’t mean grabbing some good BBQ and drinking a little bit of Jack Daniels isn’t called for an occasion either.

  • Victoria Wolf

    Healthy fast food is available. ‘Street’ tacos rule. Real corn tortillas, real meat, real veggies, and pepper sauce.

  • Ipecac


    Taco Bell rules! :-)

  • Draxiar

    A friend of mine works at Taco Bell and the only thing she consumes from there is her paycheck. She absolutely will not eat the “food”.

    Buy fresh, buy local, destroy Monsanto.

    Wow, suddenly a flood of everything I’ve learned about the way food is grown and processed on massive scales in America has flooded my brain and I’m getting really pissed off about the way food is grown and processed on massive scales in America.