Birth Control Prevents Abortions

Republicans should be pushing to the front of the line in support of birth control, mainly because it prevents abortions.

Between 1990 and 2008, pregnancy and abortion rates for women in their twenties dropped dramatically, a new study revealed today. Pregnancy rates fell by 18 percent, while abortion rates dropped by a third.

One of the biggest influencing factors in this decrease is the growing accessibility, use, and options for birth control. Contraceptive use is the best way to prevent abortions in the U.S. Over time, young women have gotten greater access to a larger number of pregnancy prevention methods.

The logic of the study is clear. More birth control, fewer unintended pregnancies and, thus, fewer abortions. By opposing birth control provisions in the Affordable Care Act while passing state laws against contraception, the Republicans are literally creating more abortions.

  • muselet

    Substantively, saying birth control prevents abortions is the equivalent of saying water is wet.

    But that’s beside the point for Republicans and their Talibangelical allies. If you start from the premise that sex is meant for one purpose and one purpose only—reproduction by married couples—then contraception is by definition evil, because it’s against God’s will as clearly stated in the Book of Making Stuff Up. (It’s a big step from “be fruitful and multiply” to “sex is purely for the purposes of breeding,” but they manage it.) Abortion is likewise evil, not because of the “killing innocent life” smokescreen—if they cared about innocent lives, they’d stop trying to destroy the social safety net—but because it’s against God’s will not to breed.

    And of course Righties are utterly, pants-wettingly terrified of sex, the women because they might get pregnant yet again by the oafs they married, the men because wimmens is all complicated and stuff down there and she complains that she doesn’t enjoy it but how could she not enjoy it ’cause I get off and isn’t that the important thing apart from what Pastor Bob says about the Quiverfull movement? Which is why they don’t want anyone teaching the young ‘uns about it, because then they might start doing it wrong (it ain’t just Rick Santorum who’s physically disgusted by people having sex for reasons unrelated to reproduction) or maybe just thinking that sex is supposed to be *gasp shock horror* pleasurable which is just as bad.

    Shorter Right-wing nutjobs, “Every Sperm Is Sacred”.


  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    In Republican derpy derp land, birth control is an abortion. Every ejaculation deserves a name.

  • pgeorge

    Republicans also can’t face the fact that one in three women in America has had an abortion, and you can’t demonize that many women. Republican men think they don’t “know” anyone who’s had an abortion, but if those women raised their hands, they’d find out it’s their girlfriends and wives and sisters – maybe their own mother.

  • MiddleMittenLiberal

    Just a thought: Perhaps it is their way of keeping the base fired up. No contraception = MORE abortions. (They also oppose sex education in the schools.) Like the economy, they do NOT want to see an improvement.

  • bphoon

    Since when has the GOP gotten credit for making sense?

    This argument has been bandied about since at least the ’50’s (that I know of, probably much longer): Easier access to birth control (or comprehensive sex education in the schools, another issue of my childhood, or any other suggested openness about things sexual in the home or elsewhere) tacitly condones pre-marital promiscuity and is therefore morally repugnant. The way to prevent kids from having “illicit” sex is to keep it all hidden from view and therefore mysterious, something that’s not spoken of in polite company. Abstinence only, don’t you know.

    The problem with this argument is that it doesn’t work. That’s been proven over and over for generations now. What’s missing is any consideration of human nature (not to mention such things as common sense, intelligence, etc). We are naturally curious creatures who, mostly, revel in discovery. Humans have since time immemorial inexorably sought to unlock the mysteries of life and continue to do so in ever more sophisticated ways.

    So, too, with sex. Fact: people are going to find a way to have sex regardless of what Ma or Pa or Aunt Millie has to say about it. They will explore, fondle, touch and fuck. Problem: When they are uneducated, they have no appreciation of the pitfalls of sexual enjoyment such as unwanted pregnancy, STD’s and emotional issues too numerous to mention here. When they have either restricted or no access to birth control (some of which, too, guard against STD’s, ie, condoms) they remain vulnerable to those pitfalls. Consequences are a motherfucker, especially when you’re unequipped to anticipate or deal with them.

    Not that the GOP gives a shit. Their “moral” argument only goes so far.

    And they’re doing God’s work. Sure…

  • KanaW

    But birth control preventing abortions is entirely beside the point to them. None of this is really about ‘precious life’, or abortions or contraception. It’s all about punishing women for having (and presumably enjoying) sex.

    These members of the Christiban (whom I differentiate from true Christians) have it in their minds that women are the reason men sin, and therefore women should be held down as second class, if not outright servants. Their god (and his church hierarchy) has convinced them that sex is such a dirty thing that it must be saved for the person one loves.

    Add that to the need for power over someone, since their church has power over them, and you have the result that any woman who is even the slightest bit self-confident, in workplace or bedroom, frightens them. And we all know what happens when humans are frightened.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Kinda like how Margaret Atwood described in her novel, The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • Brutlyhonest

    No birth control + abortion restrictions = greater population (especially at lower income levels) => easier to keep the lesser people down. Making education unaffordable (and also maligning it) helps keep them down, too.

    • MrDHalen



      The conservative fight for no birth control and no abortions is simply for keeping America majority white, for as long as possible. That’s it!

  • Ned F

    Well it’s obvious that less birth control is a boom for abortion providers. I’m sure they’ve been behind this all along, less birth control = more profits. Maybe we should try that for awhile, if they buy that operation Fast & Furious is really a plot to take away our second amendment rights, they’ll go for that no problem. The anti choice crowd could become huge supporters of birth control. I think I’m onto something here.