Glenn Beck is Profiting on Public Airwaves

Yeah, Glenn Beck is off Fox News Channel but his reach is larger than ever. And he's using publicly owned airwaves to build his empire of lies and googly-eyed conspiracy theories.

Beck renewed his radio deal with Premiere Networks, a unit of Clear Channel, for a reported $100 million dollars over five years. Though Beck's production company Mercury Radio Arts and Premiere would not comment on the value of the new deal, Beck's reported new contract is worth twice as much as his last deal. In 2007, his contract was reportedly valued at $50 million over five years.

Beck's "The Glenn Beck Program" typically ranks third as the most listened to radio program behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. His program aires in more than 400 markets from 9:00 a.m. - noon, a time slot that will see some new voices including former GOP primary candidate, Herman Cain.

We own the airwaves he's exploiting. It's time to take back some of those airwaves and use them to help America instead of poisoning it with televangelist scam artists.

  • DKEL

    I could make a run for Longest Comment On Bob’s Blog EVER with a smack-down of Beck and his ludicrous fear-mongering. But I won’t.

    Instead…who believes this $100 million crap? We’re supposed to believe that after being booted from Fox “News” and being yanked off the air in market after market after market, and only months after Beck, Hannity and other Hate Radio wingnuts were collateral damage in Limbaugh’s race to implosion, that Beck doubled his radio payday?

    I’m not buying it.

  • Buffalodavid

    Okay Bob, I can already see the “agree to disagree” discussion you’re going to go through with Chez on the next show. And he’ll be right. Is Beck an ass hat? Of course. Does that mean he can’t say what ever he want’s on air time that has be allotted to him. Of course not.

    None of that means that he should not face the consequences of telling lies, spreading lies and creating lies. He should.

    Taking back airways is a term that carries a lot of baggage. It goes against every part of me that honors free speech. Bad choice of phrase?

    As far as the agree to disagree thing, I’m always reminded of the old Yiddish saying, if two partners in business agree on everything, the business has one two many partners.

  • Ken

    It’s always very strange to me that people believe this guy. I listen to him and every “spidey-sense” that I have goes off about every 5 minutes because of the things he says. They just don’t even sound right to me, but apparently others think he makes perfect sense? That makes me go huh?

    So if we own the airwaves, what do we do? Just not listen (economic voting)? Try to inform people of the truth and hope for the best? Seems rather draconian to try to stifle the guy just because he’s nuts, but he does seem to subtract from the national conversation, not add to it.