Campaign Finance

Here Comes The Money

According to ABCNews, the pro-Romney Concerned Trolls for America and the Koch Brother's Americans for Prosperity super PACs are planning to spend nearly $20 million over just the next 10 days blanketing battleground states with attack ads.

Three outside groups are independently launching multimillion ad campaigns that will run over the next ten days in battleground states across the country. The organizations, Restore Our Future, Concerned Women for America (CWA) and Americans for Prosperity (AFP), plan to spend a combined $19.1 million on the three ads.

Restore Our Future, the primary super PAC supporting Romney's campaign, is launching the largest blitz with an eight-state, $7.6 million air-time buy. The ad knocks Obama for saying during a recent press conference that the "private sector is doing fine," and focuses on unemployment. The Americans for Prosperity spot--which shares the same title, "Doing Fine,"--also uses the Obama sound bite and a similar argument. Concerned Women for America's ad takes a different approach, focusing on health care policy. Their ad will run during the period in which the Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision about the constitutionality of the president's health care law.

They're "independently" launching these campaigns at the same time using the same message? It's just a coincidence?

Right. And I'm Santa Claus. Or at least thanks to Citizens United I could spend unlimited amounts of money to convince you that I am. Just like Mitt Romney will waste unlimited amounts of cash trying to convince Americans that he is the white savior they've been waiting for.

  • bphoon

    Man, by November, I’ve gotta think most people will be pretty burned out on political ads. I’m of the firm belief that most of what happens before the conventions, save one or the other of the candidates being caught red-handed diddling a minor or something, means little to nothing come election time.

    Let ‘em blow wads of cash now, by all means. Most likely won’t mean shit–or more likely won’t even be remembered in any detail–by this fall.

  • missliberties

    Wanna bet the attacks ads have a lot to do with Eric Holder’s contempt citation, the ‘leaks’ and comparing Obama to Nixon.