Election 2012

If Romney Wins, He'll Pay Himself $5 Million

One of the perks of being a Republican president:

Under his plan, Romney’s tax rate would fall from its current 14.7 percent to 13.1 percent, while under Obama’s tax plan, Romney would pay a 34.3 percent rate. The difference in these rates means about $5 million for Romney’s tax bill.

By the way, Romney's $5 million personal tax cut would add to the deficit. You know, because he's a fiscal hawk and really, really cares about the deficit and debt.

  • eljefejeff

    yes but I’m sure Romney will go out and hire 100 workers at $50K each, because that’s what multimillionaires always do with their tax cuts

  • JamesNCleveland
  • Victor_the_Crab

    What Romney would call a perk, the rest of us would call sleazy and disgusting. Explain to us again why you’re running for president, Willard?