Election 2012

In Case You Missed It…

President Obama's speech on the economy yesterday. From Ohio...

Ezra Klein:

The Obama campaign’s line of attack does point to a difficulty for the Romney campaign in the coming months: Where can they show a sharp break with the policies of the Bush administration?

That's what every member of the press should be asking. How are Romney's ideas different from George W. Bush's? Short answer: they're not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rycarson Ryan Carson

    The President’s message seems to be evolving, and I think it needs one more turn to argue that he needs a new congress.

  • roxsteady

    Ezra is spot on and you’re right Bob. Oddly enough I saw Chris Matthews ask this very question to Michael Steele yesterday and it didn’t go well. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the clip but, it was hilarious! Steele stated that he didn’t want to answer that question and used the GOP tried and true, shout down, change the subject tactic. It got so bad that Steele called Matthews a sycophant. It was priceless and since it clearly got under Steele’s skin because he and the GOP know that there is no difference between Romney and Bush, I’d suggest that the Obama campaign keep asking this question and ask reporters who are interviewing them why they haven’t asked this very pertinent question. As for Steele, I wonder if he got a call from Phil Griffin on the danger of biting the hand that’s currently feeding you. MSNBC’s hiring of all these GOP douchebags is a real turn off for Liberals. Griffin got exactly what he deserved by hiring this embarrassment!

    • ninjaf

      I saw John King ask a Romney surrogate about that yesterday. I can’t remember who he was or what his specific answer was but it was along the vein of “GWB likes chocolate milk. Mitt Romney likes DOUBLE chocolate milk.” More or less, anyway.

      • mrbrink

        “GWB likes chocolate milk. Mitt Romney likes DOUBLE chocolate milk.”

        Ha. Yeah. They both like to blow bubbles with a crazy straw.