In Defense of McDonald's

Make no mistake, McDonald's is a blight for so many reasons, but this video makes them seem a little more honest. Why do burgers in their commercials look better than actual burgers?

I had no idea they used the actual ingredients from the various burgers. Score one for McDonald's. A small victory. That's pretty honest of them considering they could easily produce CG versions of their menu items and save a lot of time setting up a new photo for every ad (apologies to their "food stylist" who'd probably like to keep his job).

Of course what they don't tell you about is the wide array of crappy ingredients in that beef and how many undercompensated illegal immigrants risked life and limb to slaughter the cattle.

  • bphoon

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a typical McDonald’s employee forming the cheese on a Quarter Pounder with a pallet knife. How many McDonald’s customers do you think would be willing to wait for “several hours” for a “food stylist” (WTF??) to “craft” their burger. Last thing: the photog said they’d use the “right side” of the burger for their comparison photo. If a burger is round, which side is the “right” side? Is there a “wrong” side?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Reminds me why I won’t eat a McDonald’s burger.

  • Rich Morgan

    All this indicates is that Canadians are more honest aboot their food ads.

  • Zirgar

    I ate some McDonald’s “food” the other day and about an hour later my colon came violently flopping out of my sphincter like a sea bass dragged up on the beach.

    • bphoon

      Ewww… (LOL)

  • foxp3

    Hey Bob, to be fair, you don’t know that the ingredients that they used in the photo shoot are the same as those served in the stores. To me, that patty looked completely different, even though it was uncooked. The excuse about the carton steaming the bun…come on. McDonald’s is as dishonest about their products as every other corporation in existence, especially concerning labor. The thing that bothers me about that video is just how happy this Canadian drone is about her product. I thought that Canadians were morally superior to us US slobs.

  • kushiro -

    I wouldn’t give them too much credit for honesty, Bob. They couldn’t just do a CG version or make something out of synthetics because they are legally required to use the exact product they are selling in their ads.

    They are, however, allowed to use fake food for any surrounding items not directly being advertised, and there are also lots of tricks (eg photoshop, sprays, oils, pins, glue, blowtorching, etc) they can use to gloss up the product and make it appear fresher, plumper, etc.

  • scifritz

    On thing I will say positive about McDonalds, Burger King, and our other awful exports, is when you are in one of those Libertarian Paradise Countries that have not public infrastructure or places like parks for kids to play, they do provide a playland/park that costs only a price of the minimal food you get there as opposed to the $20 per child and adult “Public Playgrounds” which people of those countries try to compare our public park system most good towns have here.