Is There a Mirror Universe?

I love the notion of a parallel universe that's exactly the opposite of this one (or are we the opposite of the other one?). And now a pair of physicists have theorized that it might actually exist.

In the classic Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” several members of the Enterprise crew inadvertently exchange places with their counterparts from an evil mirror universe.

Now two theoretical physicists have hypothesized that something like that may really be happening — at least with neutrons.

According to Science Daily, Zurab Berezhiani and Fabrizio Nesti of the University of l’Aquila in Italy analyzed experimental data obtained by a French research group which “showed that the loss rate of very slow free neutrons appeared to depend on the direction and strength of the magnetic field applied. This anomaly could not be explained by known physics.”

Berezhiani’s proposed explanation for the anomaly is that there is a parallel world made up of mirror particles, and that every neutron has the ability to transition into its invisible twin and then back again, oscillating between the two worlds every few seconds.

Can you believe it? Somewhere, in some alternate reality, Mitt Romney is telling the truth.

  • bphoon

    You mean the real GOP is in some parallel universe and its evil twin is here? I knew it…

  • burbank_burt

    “Somewhere, in some alternate reality, Mitt Romney is telling the truth.”
    Well… he might be walking on his hands or something… but he’s still lying. That never changes.

  • Timothy Rand

    I believe the alternative universe is called Portland, OR

  • weshopper

    I think Romney will need more than one parallel universe to keep track of all the stories he’s told. As long as the MSM lets him get away with it, he’ll keep doing it.

  • muselet

    Somewhere, in some alternate reality, Mitt Romney is telling the truth.

    Alter-Romney also has a goatee and his smile actually reaches his eyes.


    • JackDaniel07