Obama Is Totally Going to Kill Sirota

Fact: civilian casualties in war are evil, wrong, bad. But they're sometimes an unintended reality.

Fact: President Obama, or any future American president irrespective of party or ideology, will not order a drone strike against David Sirota. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Nevertheless, there's this stupid petition.

Again, I really can't imagine what these people would have said about FDR during World War II when he was firebombing Tokyo and Dresden.

  • http://twitter.com/gussiejives Gussie Jives

    As tongue-in-cheek as Sirota’s post is, and not very well done either I’ll admit, let’s not mince words on this one: Obama has an assassination list. One which pays no heed to collateral damage, and one that includes Americans on that list with no judicial oversight.

    This is not total war, Bob, so the broader context in which one might justify Dresden, albeit flimsily, does not apply here. Nazi Germany was an existential threat to Europe at the time, but one could easily criticize Churchill and Roosevelt for Dresden as it was not a military target. That criticism is warranted.

    This Times article is damning, especially when discussing Frank Wolf’s threat on Gitmo that the administration backed down on. That wasn’t the whole Congress that time, that was one guy. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/29/world/obamas-leadership-in-war-on-al-qaeda.html?pagewanted=all Furthermore, Obama’s signature strikes are causing more foreign relations damage than the benefits of the eliminated terrorists.

    This is clearly Obama attempting to out-hawk the Republicans, who are just going to call him weak on terror, because that’s a truism in Washington.

    When it comes to something this serious and troubling, I think an honest and open discussion is warranted, with minimal smarm.

    • droneseerywhere

      Crickets from Cesca and his loyal subjects. They can’t be bothered with nuance. Don’t you see it’s just like Dresden? Especially because it’s Obama/Cesca telling them so. Progressive is just a word to these lemmings. The only thing they care about is the dear leader. It’s interesting also because Bob has claimed to oppose indefinite detention but has no worries or doubts about this assassination program, just a wheel barrow full of foul smelling snark.

      • villemar

        Your Indignation is Trendy

        • droneseerywhere

          Oh, look at the plummage on that one! It’s hard to believe people but clearly we’ve been graced by the rare and wonderful Sock Puppet Warbler, also know as the Obotus Cescus Fellatious. It can be identified by its engorged cheek pouches used to store “seed” and its singular and melancholy call of , “Snark, snark, snark.” Take pictures people this one’s a beaut!

  • JMAshby

    Where’s the petition to stop people from being killed right here at home?

    Our own country is in disarray. Dozens are killed every day in our major cities, some by our own police forces, but Sirota and his posse of hipster non-conformists want you to get fired up about a list of potential-terrorist targets produced by the intelligence community. A list of people in Yemen, specifically. Yemen, for fuck’s sake.

    Maybe I could take them more seriously if they acted like they gave a shit about our own citizens as much as they pretend to care about people across the world.

    This really burns me up. I hate hipsters.

    • villemar

      Yeah, well, they were totally into being a yelly, screechy Obama-deranged douchebag before it was cool.

      • ranger11

        Like a person who was into a band before they became popular. The most obnoxious of all fans.

  • villemar

    Speaking of Lying Firebaggers who Lie, I saw this item the other day: http://go.bloomberg.com/political-economy/2012-05-29/state-secrets-far-fewer-these-days/

    I know what you’re thinking: “B-but but Glenn Greenbeck told me that Obama has turned the U.S. into an Orwellian Hellscape by increasing the secret surveillence state elevendy kajillion times more than Bush!!11!!”

  • villemar

    Move over Birthers…here come the Droners!

  • muselet

    As a practical matter, David Sirota’s Do Not Kill petition is nonsensical, and it even fails as political theater. That’s a tough combo to pull off.


    • eljefejeff

      and EVEN IF our president were so dictatorial that he actually planned drone attacks on American citizens at home, would a fucking petition stop him?

  • missliberties

    Just mentioning Sirota makes me want to barf. Honestly I can’t stand him. In my opinion it is people like him that give liberals a bad name.

    I NEVER listen to AM 760 in the morning any more because of David Sirota.

    a) I can’t stand his voice
    b) I can’t stand what he says
    c) I just plain can’t stand him

    Why is he even on the air. I swear it’s a conspiracy by conservatives that he gets paid to be on the radio to make liberals look like idiots.

  • http://twitter.com/themattmcd Matt McDaniel

    I’m not sure what’s more absurd: the idea that Obama is some sort of bloodthirsty tyrant raining hellfire on the innocent, or that the president actually gives enough of a shit about David Sirota to actually care if he’s alive or dead.

  • Scopedog

    Jesus Christ…Sirota is really pulling out the stupid here.

    Good God I need a drink….

    • muselet

      As the serious drinkers say, it’s 5:00 somewhere.


    • https://www.facebook.com/danah.gaz danah gaz

      David Sirota is not just pulling the stupid, he’s really fucking stupid. He’s a SNAGgy moron who if it weren’t for the extremely low bar set by Salon, would be selling oranges on a street corner. If Salon wasn’t a complete failure, they’d have hoisted him to the top of their hack list. He’s stupid incarnate. And I’m going to go eat an animal and talk on a smartphone now, just to piss him off.