Quote of the Day

Joe said some unkind things about Willard Romney and white people. Joe retweeted a joke about Ann Romney's maladroit quote about "unzipping" her husband. A ludicrous Tinker Toy news outlet stamped its tiny feet, and then the assembled mourners over at Andrew Breitbart's Mausoleum Of Unemployables got themselves outraged, and Politico folded like a cheap suit. This should be a caution to any real reporters who work there now, or who may be thinking about working there in the future. Your bosses can be frightened away by a preposterous political grocery flyer, and by a website run by a cargo cult that worships a deceased angry drunk. They do not have your back. -Charles Pierce on the suspension of Joe Williams

The "Tinker Toy news outlet" would be the Washington Free Beacon.

It shouldn't go unnoticed that Politico suspended African American reporter Joe Williams for saying Romney is more comfortable around white people, while Neil Munroe interrupted the president in the rose garden and is still proudly employed by The Daily Caller.

Munroe's rude interruption was hailed as a heroic act by the same Right Wing blogosphere that lit their hair on fire after Joe Williams dared to tell the obvious truth about Mitt Romney. And while Politico may claim they have "higher standards," those who cried the loudest, prompting the dismissal of Williams, have double standards.

It's okay if you're a Republican. And if you're white.

  • hanadora444

    Charlie Pierce is a national treasure. No one else puts words together like that.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “Tinker Toy news outlet”. Glad you clarified that. I thought he was referring to Fox.

    • JMAshby

      Yes, but “preposterous political grocery flyer” is obvious.