Quote of the Morning

“Guess what he’s telling us is Arizona, ‘you’re on your own. Take it or leave it. You know? I guess he doesn’t think we’re part of the country anymore.” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Oh I wish it were true. Arizona is ground zero for crazy and the president would do well to let it go off on its own.

Brewer was talking about an administration decision to not engage in a program that deputizes local officials to take on federal-level immigration duties.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Wasn’t the whole point of the “paper please” law that Arizona wanted to be on their own when it comes to immigration policy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Irving/700264123 Steve Irving

    Wait a minute….not all of us in Arizona wear tinfoil hats and follow the Crazy Train.

    Please consider the source with our governor……she’s a high school drop out in an educational system that’s 48th in the nation. She did go back, take a test, and get her GED. Then, about 30 years ago she took a couple classes at a community college and got a certificate in “radiology”.

    Oh, her husband is a doctor, well…not a REAL doctor, he’s a chiropractor.

    She’s typical of the DUMB that resides down here.

  • villemar

    Is there a Southwestern version of Ft. Sumter they can fire upon? Because that worked out so well for the secessionists 150 years ago.

  • http://profiles.google.com/olivpit Olivia Pitts

    Weren’t these Arizona wackos mumbling with the other wackos from that part of the country about seceding a couple of years ago? Now they are whining that President Obama doesn’t love them anymore. Make up your mind, old woman!