Election 2012

Romney Fever! Catch It!

Rick Santorum delivered a pulse-pounding Romney endorsement yesterday:

"Governor Romney is a tremendous improvement," Santorum added. "I think we could have been even more of an improvement, but that's, you know, that's, that, that, that, that issue was passed. Uh, Governor Romney is an important and dramatic improvement, and that's why we're behind him."

Fired up!

  • Miranda

    Good grief, how much pepto bismol did he have to drink in order to get that out?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Governor Romney is a tremendous improvement,” Santorum added. “I think we could have been even more of an improvement, but that’s, you know, that’s, that, that, that, that issue was passed. Uh, Governor Romney is an important and dramatic improvement, and that’s why we’re behind him.”

    Yep. Santorum giving Romney his Santorum. That guy is so funny in an ironic, unintentional manner.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and former co-worker whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. She’s always been a staunch Republican but we’ve always gotten along and had amicable conversations about political issues. She asked me if I still supported Obama, and when I said yes, she started in with the talking points and the Fox fiction about how Obama’s accomplished nothing, how Obama lied about “shovel-ready jobs,” how the health care law hasn’t helped anyone, how she knows people who aren’t working and are losing their homes and it’s all Obama’s fault, and I had to keep correcting her facts and pointing out context, and within two minutes we were both so angry that I had to insist we stop the conversation.

    As I mentioned, we’ve always disagreed about politics, but I’ve known her for more than 8 years and I never heard that kind of hate in her voice. I found it unsettling to say the least. She said she’ll be “dancing in the streets” when Obama is defeated this fall (why Republicans are in so love with that phrase I will never understand).

    The irony is, she’s a public employee; a school secretary. Her party has declared war on her and she doesn’t even know it. She actually believes that Mitt Romney will save her, and her friends who are out of work, from the fictional scourge of the Obama economy. It’s a delusion based on a delusion.

    I don’t know if it makes me angry or sad. These people are so blinded by their hatred of Obama and the fictions they’ve been fed to validate it that they’re all willing to jump off a cliff just to get him out of office.

    I fear the residents of that alternate universe are beyond saving. That fictional world where they live took root four years ago and they’re fully immersed in it; no amount of “facts” or “debunking” or anything else will draw them out of that bubble. Our only hope is that the world that exists in the bubble, stays in the bubble, and that no one else is sucked into it.

    Not that things would get any better in the unlikely event that Obama wins re-election. The folks at Heritage and Cato and FreedomWorks are already preparing the script for that eventuality, while Fox is preparing the script for how much the economy is improving under President Romney just in the first 100 days of his term.

    Half of this country is living in an improv act. And they’re winning.

    • ninjaf

      I think there is so much delusion on the right that it actually scares me to think what they may do when (if?) President Obama is re-elected. They have set themselves up to only be able to believe that the election was stolen, if that happens. I would not be surprised if there aren’t huge protests from the die hard right.

      Sorry you have lost the ability to have a discussion with your friend. Maybe she will be able to see the error of her ways before it is too late? And maybe some of her co-workers can set her straight – or at least make a compelling enough argument that she can take a deep breath and at least make a decision (either way) based on facts, instead of rhetoric?

      • GrafZeppelin127

        In my whole life, I’ve never seen it happen. Why I think I can educate these people is beyond me. I’m almost as addicted to debunking their fictions and explaining reality to them as they are to validating and reinforcing those fictions. I have to stop.

        • ninjaf

          If they are only getting their information from the right wing media machine, they are not going to be able to hear anything I have to say. I have nicely told several people that I am willing to have a debate about the facts, but if they are using talking points in their arguments, I will not continue. If your information can’t be corroborated by Reuters, AP, or any other news organization besides News Corp., it is suspect and there is no point in continuing because we are not even going to be able to agree on what a fact is.

        • peonyharp

          You’re a good guy, Graf. If it’s any consolation, I look forward to reading your posts here at BCGDAB, and grieve right along with you when people rush headlong into self-harm.
          Continue to educate the blind as long as you have the desire to do so, but please watch out for your own health (and sanity).

      • villemar

        What will happen if Obama gets re-elected is they will be so fucking angry that many will turn violent and you will see McVeigh style attacks, lone wolf attacks, stochatic terrorism, etc. They only know how to double down and there is nowhere else for them to go but to act out physically.

        What will happen if Romney wins is they will be so fucking angry that we had the temerity to take four years away from their rightful office (by an Insolent Negro, of all things!) that they will really think of every possible way to punish us legislatively and otherwise, and they will not let us forget it for the next 30 years.

        You can’t win with these people no matter what happens.

    • bphoon

      These people are so blinded by their hatred of Obama and the fictions they’ve been fed to validate it that they’re all willing to jump off a cliff just to get him out of office.

      The phrase that comes to mind when considering the GOP’s willingness to sabotage the economy in order to make it appear that Obama’s failing is, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”

    • villemar

      I had a recent similar experience with both my mom (who has always been center-left) and an old friend I had reconnected with. They both went completely batshit crazy when the topic of Obama came up. I mean sputtering mad with an incoherent tirade of random bits of right wing talking points. Socialist, Worst President Ever, etc. The old friend dropped the Muslim slur a few times, thankfully my mom hasn’t gotten that crazy.

      It saddened me immensely because until recently I’ve only seen that kind of reaction from random old aquaintances (from high school or whatever) on Facebook, who I was never really that close with to begin with, or on anaymous internet postings. None of my friends have been stricken with Obama Derangement Syndrome so it didn’t hit close to home until recently.

      Make no mistake, we are in a Cold Civil War, and I guess this is the “brother-fighting-against-brother” part of that from the original Civil War.

  • BadSaratoga

    that, that, that, that, that, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    What a tool.

  • Draxiar

    Romney’s whole campaign so far is: “Vote for me because I’m not that guy you hate”

    How depressing it must be to run a camp like that…not that Romney cares one way or the other. The RNC in Tampa is going be like attending a party for the food not the company.