Republican Party

Setting the Table for Second Term Impeachment

Mitch McConnell -- albino sleestak and the most powerful Republican in the Senate -- accused the president of, basically, Watergate. Not the actual Watergate, but a high crime that's almost exactly the same.

[T]he Senate's top Republican also accused the [Obama] administration of improperly using government agencies to exert political pressure.

"What they're trying to do is intimidate donors to outside groups that are critical of the administration, McConnell said. "The campaign has rifled through donors' divorce records. They've got the IRS, the SEC and other agencies going after contributors trying to frighten people and intimidate them out of exercising their rights to participate in the American political discourse."

Again, he's in charge of the Senate Republicans -- not some fringy right-wing talk radio goon. I think they're getting ready for a potential impeachment process if the president wins in November and the Republicans take the Senate.

  • bphoon

    All the GOP would have to do to facilitate this is hold the House. They showed in ’98 that not having any prospect of conviction in the Senate is no impediment to the House voting impeachment. Cesca, in his full post at the Daily Banter, reminds us that the GOP ended up looking like fools the last time and paid for it in the ’98 mid-terms. He points out that, for the GOP, precedent apparently doesn’t exist. That’s validated for me by the willingness of many of them to shut down the government to score a few political points. Therefore, if they think it will score political points and stymie Obama’s agenda for a while in the bargain, they’ll have no compunction about fabricating a Constitutional crisis such as impeachment. After all, Darrell Issa’s trying to provoke one right now in a nakedly political bit of grandstanding.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d chide Cesca for promoting a fantastical conspiracy theory. Two things restrain me, however. First, I’ve found him to be right on the mark about most things political and, second, what he’s describing is, in my humble opinion, entirely plausible considering the players involved. These despicable goons have no conscience and no concern for the effects of their actions on the American people. They have one objective and one objective only: to gain and hold as much political power as they can by any means they think is necessary. Promoting the general welfare has no bearing in their decision making process. They proved that to me in ’98 and prompted me–after a couple of decades of being a very proud independent–to re-register as a Democrat.

    If we’re careless and allow the GOP to hold the House in the ’12 election, we may very well see them attempt the closest thing the US has seen to a coup d’etat. If they hold the House and flip the Senate, our only recourse against their intransigence may be to take to the streets.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “not some fringy right-wing talk radio goon.”

    I can no longer tell the difference between the so-called mainstream republicans and right-wing talk radio goons. They’re all singing from the same hymnal.

  • roxsteady

    Impeachment would be the final straw. I can tell you right now, as an African American that we would storm the offices of every Republican member of congress. We will march to the Capital and anywhere else to show our displeasure. We’ve fuckin had it with these assholes and are prepared to do whatever it takes to shut this bullshit down. Enough is enough!

    • Michael Norris

      I love you…

    • nicole

      Many, many white folks would join you. [edit: including myself!]

      • villemar

        I know I would.

  • Michael Norris

    I have been wondering about this for a long time, but I could never find a place to insert this kind of thinking into a comment. This is as good a place as any.

    I believe that the United States is no longer a democracy, a constitutional republic, or any form of government that might compare to either. Clearly, we the people has become an oligarchy. We are being governed by the rich and the priveleged; we the ninety nine percent are subservient–and subject to the rule of–the one percent (or fraction of one percent actually). And since we are clearly being ruled by a ruling class in an established corrupt and racist oligarchy, Barack Obama is simply bad for the country. He cannot govern as a member of the democratic party or as a progressive–the rulers simply will not allow it.

    So the question is this: Is it possible that the only way that the country can function is to allow the oligarchs to have their way and rule as they see fit? What I mean is, is this the only way that government can function again? Here is my perverted premise in a nutshell: Republicans, tea-baggers, wing-nuts, whatever they are, truly believe in trickle down economics. They really believe that if they are allowed to govern (because–as they believe–it is their divine right to do so) then the few will make sure that the many are taken care of. Add that craziness to the idea that Barack Obama (becasue of the color of his skin) is an illegitmate president and we have the makings for an economic and governmental disaster the likes of which will make the Graet Depression look like prosperity. Or, is it possible that if the oligarchs gain control of the presidency–and one of the houses–that the money will start flowing and the bubble start inflating again? (Within days or weeks there will be a national healthcare bill similar to ACA the republicans will take credit for).

    The oligarchs have clearly demonstrated that they will sacrifice this entire country–and everyone in it–if necessary to prevent the president from being reelected. (Rooting against the economy is the least of their sins in this area.)

    So the question is this. Can democracy flourish under the system we currently have? Have the oligarchs completely destroyed America as it was intended to be? I mean, let’s face it, civil discourse is dead. Compromise, bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle–all gone. In some ways, and I hate to say this, Barack Obama has brought out the worst in people. But–and I hasten to add this–he has brought out the worst in the worst of us (or them if you will). I am no longer in relationship with people I have known for years because of the way they feel and talk about the president. When my neighbor of fifteen years used the n-word in talking about the president two years ago, I walked off and we haven’t spoken since. I am saddened when I think somtimes that the country just isn’t ready for Barack Obama, or any president that isn’t an old white guy. The oligarchs believe this and as Charles Pierce wrote last week, they (Republicans) believe that it is their birthright to be the president. The oligarchs truly believe that in the natural order of things, a republican should always be the president.

    While Cesca’s pessimism is sometimes entertaining–at other times thought-provoking–and at other times irritating–the idea that there is a plot to impeach the president is something that is truly within the reach of the true rulers of this country.

    But it is a far reaching thing I do believe. First they have to win the house of representatives. I would predict that even if Romney should win, the house will be flipped. And the republicans would have to win the senate, possible, but again, I don’t see it happening.

    But my question is simple and shares Cesca’s bent for pesssimism. And it is this: can this government function without the control and permission of the hidden oligarchy that actually runs it? We shall see…

    • i_a_c

      I differ from your view a little, though in the end my thoughts are not substantially different from yours. I don’t necessarily believe that we’re being ruled by the privileged elite, I think that the Republican Party decided to pander to them in order to obtain money and electoral victory. I realize this is tantamount to the same thing ultimately.

      I do think there is an uncoordinated effort to undermine the president among big businesses by petulantly sitting on mountains of cash to hurt his reelection chances, blaming their lack of action on the president. By uncoordinated, I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy to do this, just that Fox News, talk radio, and other outlets have brought these folks’ irrational hatred to the surface and cause them to act in a way that they may not (a) in a better economy or (b) under a different president. I do think the cash will start flowing again once they get “their way.”

      I get what you’re saying about Barack Obama though. Elected as the first black president in the midst of a recession and two wars, it was almost inevitable that he would be scapegoated by those looking for someone to blame. It’s quite common during recessions for racial resentment to heat up, and wouldn’t you know, a black man became president. While I’m thankful for what he has gotten done in the face of unprecedented opposition, part of me wishes he could have gotten the job during better times where he could focus on issues here at home.

      Was America ready for Barack Obama? I think you can just look to his approval ratings. About half were ready and half were not. The backlash you see is the realization that the era of white male privilege in the United States is nearing an end, and that simply being born a certain way is not going to be good enough anymore.

      • Michael Norris

        Thank-you for your thoughtful response to my posting. I am encouraged by your positive outlook. It is this kind of dialogue that is missing in the national discourse. Appreciate it…

  • mrbrink

    As Confederate stage actors and co-conspirators, today’s Republican party have more in common with John Wilkes Booth than President Lincoln.

    Confederate/Conservative. No difference.

    How far to Garrett’s farm?

  • Lavander

    Bob, you’re a very pessimistic guy. I can always tell which post are yours.

    • nicole

      And he is generally right.

    • Bob Rutledge

      Yeah, and he tries so desperately to hide his authorship by putting it right there under the post title.

      “Posted on 06/20/2012 at 11:40 am by Bob Cesca “

      • nicole

        Lol. I needed that laugh, so thanks, Bob! :)

  • missliberties

    Ain’t gonna happen.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    The Impeachment narrative is already being written over at Fox News. It may even be in rehearsal already. Count on it.

    • Brutlyhonest

      It was written before his first inauguration day, with blanks left to be filled in when they could come up with something.

      Also, too: the firebagger drivel is some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a while. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • Razor

    If the Republicans do successfully impeach the President in his second term, it would pretty much be the death of democracy in America. It will be a clear admission from the right-wing that your vote doesn’t matter because even if you manage to get a Democrat in the White House, they will obstruct at every turn and trump up a reason to remove him from office if absolutely necessary.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      It worked for them with Florida in 2000.

  • Robert Schiele

    Actually, although the Republicans’ current efforts in this direction are clearly partisan in origin, the country would probably be better off if Mr. Obama were to be impeached, tried, convicted, removed, and replaced by Mr. Biden. I’d hoped that Democrats, faced with Mr. Obama’s various enormities in office (the continued growth of the police state, the egregious and unconstitutional assault on the civil liberties of U.S. citizens, Mr. Obama’s incredibly arrogant assertion that as president he has the authority to commit U.S. tax dollars and/or military personnel anywhere in the world he sees fit to do so, unilaterally) would collectively decide to dump “their man” for this year’s election, to forgo the obvious advantage of trying to re-elect an incumbent, and to replace Mr. Obama with another candidate who might actually respect the country’s democratic institutions. But that clearly is not going to happen. Where these things are concerned, it seems, Democrats are no more committed than Republicans. I had even hoped that with the President’s clearly unconstitutional commitment of American money and tax dollars to the mess in Libya, members of both parties in the House might have voted his impeachment forthwith, but of course they can no more agree on a move to safeguard the Constitution than they can on anything else. The move described here, although it would be carried out for all the wrong reasons, might still provide the same effect, however, and give this grand old Republic a few more years of life.

    • chris castle

      You think impeachment would be beneficial? That’s nuts. And by “arrogant” do you mean “uppity”? The president is Commander-in-Chief, and his actions saved a lot of lives in Libya. And the notion that the D’s and the R’s are the same is preposterous.

    • nicole

      Firebaggers such as yourself are so far out of line with Dem ideals that you are more and more seen as right wing operatives.

      I suggest you crawl out of your parents basement and take a good look around.

      Adding…….I hear Greenwald’s been sending sock puppets around. This could be him. bwahhaahahaha…

    • Alex0001

      Actually, although the Republicans’ current efforts in this direction are clearly partisan in origin, the country would probably be better off if Mr. Obama were to be impeached, tried, convicted, removed, and replaced by Mr. Biden. I’d hoped that Democrats, faced with Mr. Obama’s various enormities in office…

      I’m sorry I got up to here and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

    • LTMidnight

      Elderly white man has issues with the “arrogant” (psssst – uppity) black president.

      So shocking……..

    • mrbrink

      The republican party are openly committing treason and crimes against Americans.

      Zorg-evil. “Fire one million!” Then cut off their food rations!

      You wouldn’t know an actual constitutional violation if it was forcibly probing your vagina.

    • missliberties

      Or we could just burn the place down, said the man of many words??!!!

      Why not blow up the government. That would be beneficial to….. let me think here conspiracy theoriests?

    • muselet


    • Guest

      Moronic. No President would meet the standard of your (and Ron Paul’s) caricature of the law and the Constitution.

    • caribbeanobserver

      Robert dear, which grand old republic is this again? You fail to realise America has blossomed under the black man and enslaves everyone else under the grand old white confederacy.

    • villemar

      Go fuck a shoe, Bagger. No one cares what you think.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    That’s what I expect from these shameless power mad sociopaths when (not if) Obama wins re-election but the Dems don’t regain the House and lose the Senate. They did that to Clinton over a fucking blowjob but think it was alright for Dubya to lie and intimidate a country into going to war based on blatant lies. They’re sick and disgusting.

    On a lighter note, Mitch McConnell, albino sleestak. BWAH! Good one Bob. I expect you to get some royalties if Stephen Colbert uses that.

  • gescove

    Feverish projection from the party of Nixon.

  • nicole

    Where the hell is our Paul Revere when we really need him?

    These damn fascists don’t care what they have to do or spend to regain power, and when they are successful, we are all in for far worse.