Spring Pledge Drive, Day 5

We're continuing with our pledge drive tonight, so if you'd like to throw us a bit of a gratuity in exchange for our daily parade of outrage, click the PayPal button below and drop a few dollars our way. Any small amount will help keep the place running.

As a special premium, the top five largest contributors will receive free one-year subscriptions to the Bob & Chez Show After Party! And if those contributors are already members of our premium podcast, they can either gift their free membership to a friend or convert their paid membership to a free membership.

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  • i_a_c

    After four years of eating up your bandwidth, I figured I should finally throw a little in the kitty. I’m feeling particularly generous today after the favorable ruling (and a few celebratory beers).

    I found Bob on the Huffington Post during the 2008 election and followed him to the blog. I’ve always enjoyed your writings, and Ashby, you too. Keep it up you guys. I’m sure I’ll be here for another four.