Thank God They Took It Away!

Watch Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) absolutely lose her shit crying out in joy after CNN and Fox News inaccurately reported that the Affordable Care Act had been struck down.

If you're that happy (or happy at all for that matter) that tens of millions of people will lose their healthcare, you need to reevaluate your priorities and your life.

  • stacib23

    I have often said that my emotional health is controlled by sports and politics – the two things on my life I have the least amount of control over.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    As a native Ohioan, I can in good conscience say; fuck Jean Schmidt.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      And while we’re having our way with Ms Schmidt, I’m sure her constituants in southern Ohio (Appalachia and all that) will feel her “joy”.

  • muselet

    I don’t do this often (trust me, I’m the last person who should make sport of someone else’s appearance), but I am struck by the similarities here.

    And now I’m very very ashamed.


    • Lazarus Durden

      *smackes muselet on the wrist lightly with a ruler* Shame. Tsk even.

      • muselet

        Thank you, sir. May I have another? :^)


        • Lazarus Durden

          *gives one more smack just a bit harder.* I didn’t want to do that, but… well let that be a lesson to you making fun of horrid looking GOP representatives. The very idea! That would be like Chez going off about Lena Dunham.

    • nicole

      heh :)

  • majii

    I’d really like an opportunity to tell Schmidt and the rest of the GOPers how I really feel about their BS. All of them are going, as my dearly departed parents and grandparents used to say, ‘to hell in a handbasket.’ They’re so full of un-righteous faux Christianity that they totally ignore the teachings of Christ. Schmidt was among a group of these types of faux Christians who were praying that the opportunity for millions to have affordable health care was denied– just like their own special Jesus told them it should be. Basturds.

  • mrbrink

    These people cheered, fist-pumped, and rejoiced when Chicago lost the Olympic bid and practically mourned the loss of Osama Bin Laden. These are the same people who told us that Sarah Palin was way more qualified than Barack Obama and the same people who told us torture was good policy. The same people who bow to Rush Limbaugh and praise Dick Cheney. The same people who continue to tell us president Obama is of inferior intellect and character.

    Charles Manson called, you fucking Wingnut psychos. He wants his Helter Skelter face back.

    When Republicans in government and their phony Christian community leaders act like the country is the next contestant on The Price Is Right because millions and millions of people have to go back to being discriminated against by health insurance corporations, or beholden employees have to go back to being anchored to their shitty employer for fear of losing their insurance, or when Republicans threaten to undo and undermine any of these changes should be a really great day for satan’s cloven cock.

    • nicole

      Damn, that was so good, brink. :)

  • Lazarus Durden

    The only pleasure I get from this is knowing that her disappointment was even greater after she learned they hadn’t taken it away.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    That is one thing that troubles me…people are so invested in the outcomes of these ruling, not because it really affects them but because it is a game that they believe they are playing and actually have an affect on due to their sheer will of believing. It is not too dissimilar to sports where basically people like teams because of where they were born of who their parents root for and then they live their lives vicariously through that team and their emotional state of being is determined by the results of the last game played.

    • Lazarus Durden

      That’s a very apt analogy but I would say it doesn’t go far enough. For the GOP faithful it’s not a sports team. It’s a religion.

      • MrDHalen

        Republicans have been twisted into a fascist cannibalistic two-tiered cult. The masters preach and feed on their followers. The followers give unquestioned loyalty in hopes that they may be chosen to join the masters and feast on the followers as well.

  • missliberties

    It’s a Christian thing.

    Remember Iraq? Bush was hell bent on imposing a christian democracy to promote free markets with macho Jesus fighting the war. This is an extension of that same belief.

  • willpen

    Shit…. why wasn’t the camera on her when she found out the REAL truth. I would have paid a bundle to have seen her really lose her shit…

  • Zirgar

    I’m sure Jon McNaughton, with all of his subtle metaphor and refined, nuanced symbolism, will do a majestic painting of a crouching Justice Roberts mirthfully shitting on the Constitution with a laughing President Obama looking on approvingly, while a smiling red Satan looks on even more approvingly at what all He hath wrought with this, His Master Plan, even as patriot Jean Schmidt cries tears of red, white and blue for all the people who are being hurt by being helped. Oh, and guns.

    • Miranda

      LOL….you’re good, you’re really good at that game! – oh, but you forgot Sarah Palin sitting on a pile of hay holding the baby Jesus

      • IrishGrrrl

        Don’t forget her halo!

  • jimtowndem

    her type will not be happy until we are all serfs of our overlords.