The Jihad Against John Roberts

Glenn Beck and the conservative movement are driving their biggest ally away.

It's hilarious. Yes, it's possible that Roberts' decision had something to do with the strident partisanship of the other four conservative justices. And if Roberts increasingly doubts the veracity and sanity of the conservative movement due to the overzealous backlash against him on healthcare, it's possible Roberts will become the swingiest justice around. Not a good trait if you're a conservative who secretly digs an activist court.

Keep going, wingnuts!

  • Jay Reardon

    Yeah — Beck is insane — and laughing all the way to the Bank.

  • Sunmusing

    Glenn Beck is insane. That is my personal, unprofessional opinion, and I know I am correct.

  • Adrian

    If Foxnews had been more balanced in their reporting instead of pretending that there is no way that the ACA is constitutional their viewers wouldn’t be so upset. Foxnews is classic agitprop.

    • Sidney18511

      If their biggest concern was the constitutionality of the law they should be happy.
      They weren’t worried about the law damaging the USA, they are worried that the people will LOVE THE LAW. They preached this same gloom and doom about social security and Medicare/Medicaid.
      Bill kristol put on paper the following instructions when Clinton was trying to get health care thru ” if the democrats are able to pass health care reform, the republicans will be shut out of future elections for decades”.

  • D_C_Wilson

    In wacky republican land, the only thing worse than a liberal is a conservative who strays from the herd. Just ask Judge John Jones.

  • Fillip65
  • Phil Perspective

    What the Glenn Becks of the world don’t get is that Roberts is a Chamber of Commerce justice. Just look at their record this term. Roberts isn’t beholden to the Teahadists, he’s beholden to big business. And if anyone had noticed, which I didn’t realize, the Chamber of Commerce took no position on the PPACA(aka Obamacare) case(the C of C doesn’t want to support anything Obama does, no matter how friendly to the C of C it is). But it is assumed that insurance companies are okay with the PPACA. Looked at that way, maybe it really isn’t unusual that Roberts ruled the way he did.

  • Ned F

    Maybe they should get him to sign a pledge.