The Summer Pledge Drive Begins

Every several months we roll out the jolly, candy-like PayPal tip jar as a way of helping to finance the doings here. If you can afford to toss a few dollars into the pot, we'd seriously appreciate it. If not, no problem. But your contributions help us to keep this place ripe with bandwidth and allows us to expand our blogotubes to new horizons.

As a special premium, the top five largest contributors will receive free one-year subscriptions to the Bob & Chez Show After Party! And if those contributors are already members of our premium podcast, they can either gift their free membership to a friend or convert their paid membership to a free membership.

And now, as an additional special thanks, here's a mariachi band serenading a beluga whale.

  • Bubble Genius

    Haha, Bob said “pot.” and YAY BELUGA WHALE.