The View From Europe

The Altantic Wire has a collection of reactions to the unsuccessful recall of Scott Walker from overseas. Here are a few of my favorites which American newspapers would never print.

"Wisconsin is not France," reads the headline of Pierre-Yves Dugua's article in Le Figaro, France's conservative broadsheet. "Scott Walker's admirers speak of courage worthy of Margaret Thatcher. His critics talk about unprecedented reactionary duplicity. What is certain is that [neither] Nicolas Sarkozy, Jacques Chirac, or even Le Pen would have dared do what Scott Walker has succeeded."

Italy's long-running socialist newspaper, Corriere della Sera, meanwhile, described the GOP campaign as "illegal" saying that its effect "impoverishes all industrialized countries." The article notes that in the U.S. private sector unions are "already demolished" amounting to only 7 percent of the workforce. Unions are starting to "collapse even in the public sector," bemoans the piece.

"Illegal." "Impoverishes all industrialized countries."

Unfortunately it's not illegal, thanks to Citizens United, but it certainly impoverishes.

Granted, Europe has its own set of unique economic problems right now, but their relationship between employer and employee does not involve the absolutism seen in the average American workplace.

  • mhr52

    Europeans are still living in their fantasy world that they can have 13 monthly pension payments each year. The train is beginning to run off the tracks and soon the entire continent will be Greece. Well Sweden is being austere and is leading the West in growth at 4-6%. UK and Germany are dithering, which is better than what Paul Krugman would suggest.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Of course, in real ‘merica the more Europeans think poorly of you the better. They are, after all, socialist, communist, fascist gays.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Europeans have this wacky idea that there’s more to life besides working yourself to death for 40-50 years so that corporations can squeeze another2% profit out of you before outsourcing your job to Asia.

    No wonder they find our politics bewildering.

    • Draxiar

      And to that I offer you the CEO of AIG who recently stated that Europeans should work until they’re 80. I think he should do it first (he’s 68 or something).

      I have no doubt that they watch our politics closer than many Americans do. To further the point I think they watch who gets elected so they can keep tabs on when the crazy will come around.