Open Thread

Think of the Children

Artist - Joe Heller

In other news, despite Florida Governor Rick Scott's pledge to continue purging voters after the Department of Justice ordered a halt, all 67 of the state's election supervisors are still refusing to follow Scott's orders.

  • mhr52

    You folks can never be pleased. If a company is making money, they are evil. If they are being socially responsible, its a marketing ploy or cynicism. Its like you just want to destroy all PROGRESS and revert us to subsisting on communal farms.

  • mrbrink

    Record corporate profits and CEO salaries are doing fine. Those things are located in the private sector.

    What’s so controversial about that? Or difficult to understand?

    Isn’t the private sector the responsibility of these Bush/Romney jag-fuck owners anyway? Yes. Yes it is.

    One might ask, how is it they are doing so very very well, as compared to the great majority of working people who are working longer, for less?

    I saw Fuck Chod rolling his eyes at the president’s explanation because that’s the equivalent to journalism these days. The Republican party and their money backers and Tea party cogs are committing treason on the open market and conspiring to defraud in the halls of congress, and people like Chuck Todd are rolling their eyes at Democrats.

    • JMAshby

      Because the Chuck Todds of the world are insulated from the consequences of their own actions.

      • mrbrink

        He looks like a guy that would lick a piece of shit to avoid being a real journalist just for a minute. Like a truth dodger of the propaganda war. He’s a torture fetishist with his pants around his ankles getting off in the private screening room of the rich and powerful’s big budget snuff film.

        I hope this opinion finds him.

    • i_a_c

      One might ask, how is it they are doing so very very well, as compared to the great majority of working people who are working longer, for less?

      One might ask that, but they never do. Dow’s above 12,000 and it means shit for you and me. How can that be? If you ask Money, he’ll tell you that more profits mean more jobs. So… where are the jobs? Republicans are full of shit, and the evidence is right there under Chuck Todd’s goatee, but he can’t see it.

      • mrbrink

        Which continues to prove Keynesian economics as the only reliably moral and logical solution that where the private sector fails to meet demand, whether it’s employment, food, or infrastructure, education, healthcare, energy and technology, or civil rights protections– it is the people’s government that must step in to meet that demand.

        Any obstruction to these ends are treason. They’ve taken hostages, declared war and insurgency and have acted accordingly. They’re parading down the street with their bombs and media arsenal and that Chuck Todd facial hair is just a prickly-pear-faced reminder of a dude that would lick a turd to not have to bump into Richard Engel in the men’s room.

  • muselet

    I don’t really care why Disney is trying to be more health-conscious, even if the reason’s as cynical as the cartoon suggests. We can analyze motives another time. What’s important right now is that Disney is actually doing the right thing, so two cheers (for now) for The Mouse.

    And Rick Scott is buffing up his Tea Party cred and riling up the Republicans for November. Now that’s cynical.


    • IrishGrrrl

      True re Scott but I am bolstered that some people are standing up to him. Plus, do wingnuts and tea baggers really need to be riled up anymore than they already are? Lol So I will take it as a win.

  • Bubble Genius

    I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in Rick Scott’s office every time another “no” comes back to him.

    It’s obvious that he once partook of some Blue Sunshine, and perhaps still does.