Open Thread


Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that bills sponsored by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) have lead to contracts for companies represented by his girlfriend's PR firm.

  • priscianusjr

    Do you mean “have led”?

  • mrbrink

    I think the president should stay away from Wisconsin, and I think everyone pushing him to show up in the middle of a heated recall election that’s been very successful without him, are either purposefully setting him up for bad press and want to see some loser-stink on his reelection, or have no faith in people-powered resolve and self-determination.

    If he shows up, tells everyone to vote for Tom Barrett, and Scott Walker wins, which seems likely, the story will be all about President Obama– the outsider who went to Wisconsin to interfere in their state politics and couldn’t close the deal.

    I just don’t like it. If he stays away, I support that decision. Get someone else to go.

    I think this is Wisconsin’s fight to win or lose, especially at this point.

    And if they win, I think they’ll be glad they did it on their own.