Election 2012

Wishing for Economic Failure

Mitt Romney doesn't want people to know the economy is improving.

Mitt Romney’s campaign asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to downplay his state’s job growth after several press releases from the governor’s campaign and messages from the Florida Chamber of Commerce trumpeted gains for the month of May, according to Bloomberg News.

The worse the economy is, the better Romney will do. He's betting on it while making sure real news about the recovery isn't escaping to voters.

I keep thinking about the double standard between the parties. If any congressional Democratic leader had accused President Bush of an impeachable offense, they would've been destroyed in the press. If something like Romney's Florida jobs news blackout had come from John Kerry in 2004, he would've been hectored out of politics.

Liberal media indeed.

  • Draxiar

    This…this is sheer proof that Mitt and Co. do not care about the country…only winning the presidency.