Airlifting Poisonous Food to Remote Places

If you're nowhere near Taco Bell and their disgusting meat filler, they'll airlift it to your town. Oh boy!

Taco Bell took the notion of delivery service to a whole new level recently, helicoptering in a truck laden with 10,000 tacos to a small Alaskan town after learning that residents had been teased with false hopes of a restaurant opening.

What began as a feud between two area residents morphed into a full-fledged PR marketing opportunity on Sunday, when the world's largest Mexican-style fast food chain deployed a helicopter from Anchorage to airlift in a truck full of tacos to the town of Bethel, population 6,200, according to local newspaper the Alaska Dispatch.

Throngs of local residents watched from the sidelines as a full-sized truck harnessed to a chopper was dropped gently in a community center parking lot. As soon as as the all-clear was given, thousands of people -- adults and children -- rushed the truck and gorged on the chain's wildly popular Doritos Locos Tacos.

Opiate of the masses. People really, really crave 30%-meat-products.

(via Ashby)

  • IrishGrrrl

    Well you try eating seal blubber 24/7/365 and see how good those tacos look after a while! Just kidding…hehe

  • Bubble Genius

    I knew you’d like this story, Bob.

  • LeShan Jones

    Yick, I never eat at taco bell, McDonalds or burger king because the “food” (so-called) is complete crap.