Because the Republicans Love Tax Cuts

...and small businesses:

Senate Republicans made good on their threat to filibuster a Democratic small-business tax cut bill today, ensuring the bill fell seven votes short of what it needed to move forward.

The Senate voted 53-44 to limit debate on the bill and move to final passage, but 60 votes were needed to overcome the filibuster.

You know what's happening? The Republicans are filibustering every Republican idea while the base applauds them for supporting every Republican idea. On yesterday's podcast, I noted a meme floating around about Chief Justice John Roberts and the mandate: a Republican chief justice who was appointed by a Republican president decided in favor of a Republican idea, and the Republicans hate him for it.

  • muselet

    Republicans said they felt the need to kill the legislation because Reid denied them the chance to water it down with a series of amendments.

    These people are children.