Defrauding Taxpayers for Fun and Profit

The NRA. Defrauding taxpayers for fun and profit.

via ThinkProgress

Chicago, like many large cities around the country, sponsors a successful gun buyback program meant to incentivize owners of dangerous weapons to turn their guns into authorities. The program’s no-questions-asked policy allows for anyone to drop off a gun — no matter the condition or circumstances surrounding how it was obtained — in exchange for prepaid Visa cards worth $100 per gun and $10 per BB gun or air gun. The program, called “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life,” aims to reduce the number of dangerous weapons on the streets and in households.

But Guns Save Life exploited the “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life” initiative and used the program to help fund an NRA-sponsored summer shooting camp for young children by turning in a collection of old, rusted and broken guns and BB guns collected by members through the program in exchange for $6,240 in taxpayer money.

In case you don't follow - the NRA-sponsored Guns Save Life group ran a donation drive for old busted guns, traded the busted guns in for taxpayer money, then used the taxpayer money to buy new guns and put them in the hands of children at their private summer camp.

But, you know, they're just doing their part to save lives. I'm sure area police departments are thankful for their efforts.

  • bphoon

    You know, I’m a pro-gun Democrat but the NRA is simply unconscionable. They operate through the use of some of the most ham-handed propaganda techniques there are. Fear, intimidation, lies–all means are justified by their end, which, I confess, I’m unclear about.

    They’ve been crying wolf about our 2nd Amendment rights being under assault for so long, one would think people would become immune to their bullshit and stop listening. It takes full on gullibility coupled with stunning ignorance to accept their argument that, because they’re on Freedom’s Frontier safeguarding our Constitutional rights, the 2nd Amendment is still in force. They act and talk like they are the sole reason for that rather than allow for the proposition that our 2nd Amendment rights are safe regardless of what they do.

    I firmly believe that the NRA could cease to exist tomorrow and nothing would change in our national gun policy. That leaves me with the conviction that they are in business to leverage their members’ gullibility and ignorance for their own enrichment.


    • Brutlyhonest

      all means are justified by their end, which, I confess, I’m unclear about.

      As with everything else, it all comes down to power and money – or more accurately, MORE power and money for those that already have. And as usual, it’s achieved on the complicit backs of those willfully ignorant lemmings.

      I’ve used and owned guns my whole life. I even attended NRA-sponsored safety courses as a kid so I get get my hunting license early. Problem is, the organization changed into a partisan political machine.

      It may be my imagination, but it seems it was about the same time the rural vote was shifting to republicans with the assistance of teh jeebus vote. Having your church encourage you to despise those worse off than you was an extra-special, double-bonus coup.

  • steve s

    Shouldn’t it be Guns Save Lives? Or are they not feeling very confident today?

    • Grant Beaudette

      I took that to mean they think guns save all life on the planet.

  • Staci Bass

    Representatives from Guns Save Life were feeling rather proud of themselves for duping the city with this program. Reading the story in the Chicago Sun-Times last week made me ill. These guys were crowing and prancing about as if they had just won Lotto. I’m beginning to believe that there is no shame left in this country.