Is This Thing On?

I forgot to drop in a note about this yesterday, but yes, the site was down for a solid three hours or so Thursday morning. Whenever we get bursts of traffic, and viewers start hitting the main page with all of its bells and whistles, our site host freaks out and shuts off the site.

So here's what I need: some serious crowd source advice. What's an affordable, reliable hosting solution that will conveniently run WordPress and that will happily move all of our blogotubefiles over to their server and not screw with us when we get more than the usual nine readers? (Kidding -- there are more than nine.)

And I'd like to emphasize affordable.

If someone from my hosting company is reading this, please stop it.

  • Wesley

    I can help out if you want. I’ve been a Sys Admin for 20 years and know of some places that might fit what you need. Although a little more info would be helpful such as platform, price you pay now etc. Feel free to email me if you want. I have a hosting provider in mind that I used to work for where I might be able to get you a good deal. Wes.

  • Dave Olson
    • msadesign

      me too. Happy for a decade with these guys.

  • weshopper

    Probably the best is Copyblogger’s Synthesis Hosting, but it may not meet your price criteria. Worth checking.

  • chris castle

    So that’s what happened. I thought I’d been banned.

  • Guest

    [Comment deleted]

  • intoxination

    Anything cheap is going to be shared hosting and they all implement some sort of resource sharing/throttling system. Bluehost is actually better than Hostgator in this, as they just limit how fast your data is coming out. Looking at your page source, it’s taking 12 seconds for WP to generate the cached page, which is insanely high, so I say you are on a bogged down server.

    If you do change hosts, ask about FastCGI for PHP. That really helps with performance (BlueHost offers this). Another option might be to move your pod files to a more simple file server, like Amazon’s web services and keep that separate from the main site (set up a subdomain to point to them like

    • Bob Cesca

      Funny you should mention Bluehost. I’m seriously considering them. As for shared servers, I simply can’t afford a dedicated server so I’m stuck with shared situations.

      Meanwhile, the load times have something to do with the Banter header.

      Thanks, Jamie.

  • rob black