The Media

It’s Not Your Imagination

If you feel as though John McCain is consulted far too often by our very serious liberal media, it's not just your imagination. Here are the numbers to prove it.

According to a study by the University of Minnesota's Smart Politics blog, McCain was the most mentioned member of the Senate in national television and radio reports during the first six months of the year.

McCain's name was touted in 1,958 news stories between January and June—an average of roughly 10 stories a day.

John McCain sold out nearly everything he ever stood for during the 2008 campaign and in the four years that have passed since then. I suppose that makes him the perfect person to turn to for today's conventional wisdom.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The media has always had a love affair with McCain. I don’t know if it was his compelling story as a POW, the fact that he can be personable when he wants to, or his (former) reputation for being willing to work across the aisle to get things done.

    Despite the fact that the McCain of today has been exposed as a political opportunist who can’t let go of his 2008 defeat, the media still loves him and loves having him the Sunday talking head shows.

  • muselet

    Steve Benen used to keep count of the number of times after the 2008 election John McCain appeared on the Sunday yak shows, but gave it up. If memory serves, The Ancient Mariner averaged something like 2.8 appearances per month.

    Which wouldn’t be a problem if he actually knew something about anything.


  • eljefejeff

    This morning I accidentally caught a glimpse of Sarah Palin while my wife fast forwarded through the commercials of something she taped on Lifetime, and uttered as I always do “I hate John McCain”.

    Liberal media indeed