Lance is Pretty Much Screwed

Love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong had finally met his match.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Friday that it has filed doping charges against champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.

This month, the agency announced that it was opening proceedings against Armstrong and five former teammates.

"USADA can confirm that the independent three person Anti-Doping Review Board (ADRB) has conducted a full evaluation and has made a unanimous recommendation to move forward with the adjudication process in accordance with the rules," it said in a statement.

I've thought about this a lot and reached the following conclusion: Armstrong passed all of his drug tests. Full stop. Case closed. If he was doping, that's for the fans to speculate about, but he faced the testing procedures and passed. This, on the other hand, appears to be double jeopardy and unfair. I hope the USADA fails to get him, but I'm afraid they'll succeed. Ironically, most of the second place winners of Lance's Tour de France victories have previously been caught doping and banished from cycling in disgrace. They'll be elevated to first place -- the coveted yellow jersey -- if the USADA wins this thing. Weird and seriously wrong.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    I may have to go find it, but I thought he has failed drug tests (which are configured to allow more false negatives than positive positives, so more dirty people pass than fail) but they got off on technicalities, a la ryan braun…

  • muselet

    Several years ago, the LA Dog Trainer ran a two-part investigative piece (part one here) on the WADA/USADA and concluded essentially what Armstrong’s attorney said: “It has compiled a disgraceful record of arrogance, secrecy, disregard for its own protocols, shabby science, and contempt for due process.” Personally, I’d be very hesitant to trust the organization.

    Did Lance Armstrong use performance-enhancing drugs? Perhaps, bordering on probably. Most other top riders were, so it would have been career suicide not to have done so (and, given the history of the sport, his transgressions don’t even merit an asterisk by his results). He never tested positive and his cycling career is over. Leave it be.


  • Charles Erkelens

    I love your posts and blog, but here you are a bit too chauvinistic. A lot of cyclists in the ’90 past their drug tests. That is no guarantee someone is clean. If the USADA can prove that the team was structurally using doping than they need to be punished for it.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Marion Jones passed all her drug tests as well. But she finally admitted, in a court of law, that she too was taking performance enhancing drugs during her time as an Olympic athlete.

    Sorry Bob, but Lance Armstrong’s victories in the Tour de France have never passed the smell test. If it’s way too good to be true, then chances are very good that it’s not.