Let Them Go Bankrupt!

According to Detroit News, U.S. automakers are projecting that sales for 2012 will total more than 14 million vehicles.

U.S. car and truck sales could surpass 14 million for the first time in five years, with every major automaker reporting a strong midyear performance.

Strong June sales announced Tuesday boosted performance for the first six months of the year, prompting analysts to revise their consensus forecast of 13.9 million upward, to 14.2 million.

That would be the industry's best U.S. sales year since 2007, when 16.1 million trucks and cars were sold. Last year's American sales totaled 12.8 million, as the industry continued to claw its way back from a devastating downturn.

Industry experts attribute the momentum to attractive new vehicles, easier credit, moderating gas prices and modest economic growth.

Of course we all know the auto-bailout was Mitt Romney's idea before he wrote an op-ed titled Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, and that he deserves credit for the bailout despite writing that op-ed. Or something.

  • bphoon

    Yeah, it’d be much better to have those three million (+ or -) families out of work now, too…