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Liberal Media Bias

The White House Correspondents’ Association has decided not to punish The Daily Caller for Neil Munro's heckling outburst in the rose garden last month.

The organization’s incoming president, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, raised the issue of the Munro incident, according to minutes from the WHCA’s June 29 meeting, which were emailed to WHCA members Tuesday. Henry expressed concern about the breach of decorum but did not consider it the organization’s role to police journalists, according to the minutes. The rest of the board members present apparently agreed. “There was little interest in official censure or action among board members, although all expressed general agreement with Henry’s assessment of the incident,” the minutes said.

Fox News' Ed Henry. Ya' don't say?

I won't say it's a big shocker that The Daily Caller won't be punished, because we all know there's a gross double standard at play here.

If a liberal "journalist" did something similar to a sitting Republican president, the correspondents' association would shit a brick and there would be a congressional hearing on the matter.

  • Zirgar

    The power of accurate observation is commonly called ‘liberal media bias’ by those who have not got it.

  • muselet


    Munro was not on pool duty at the time of his outburst, a fact that The Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson highlighted in a note to the board, presumably to head off any effort to remove the outlet from the pool rotation[.]

    Plausible deniability. How convenient.

    Okay, fine. Pull Neil Munro’s White House press credentials and leave The Daily Caller alone—until another one of their semi-trained chimps starts flinging his feces (which shouldn’t take long).


  • Clancy

    The WHCA actually has very little real power. I recall that during the uproar over Helen Thomas’ comments on Israel and Palestine during the Bush Administration, the WHCA officially declared that her remarks were indefensible and that they were “saddened” by them. They did repeatedly clarify that they had no ability to strip her of her credentials, just her seat assignment. They were about to push her to the back of the press room when she announced her “retirement” from Hearst.