John McCain

McCain's Anti-Bachmann Speech Doesn't Absolve Him

This was a good speech in opposition to Michele Bachmann's wild conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin.

But it's always important to remind anyone who might suddenly go ooey-gooey for McCain when he makes gestures like this.

First, in that speech yesterday, McCain repeated the conspiracy theory in full, thus spreading the word about Bachmann's wingnutty horseshit. Second, McCain continues to caucus with the Republicans on every filibuster of every piece of Obama/Democratic legislation that gets out of committee and reaches the floor. Third, McCain will always be the politically irresponsible opportunist who almost gave us Vice President Sarah Palin.

So chill out.

  • muselet

    Color me unimpressed. It was an okay speech, but John McCain weaseled out by not naming Michele Bachmann and the other loons (Frank Gaffney specifically included) behind this latest nonsense.

    When he does that, McCain will demonstrate he’s nearly as honorable as he thinks he is.


  • Lazarus Durden

    Can we please start prosecuting some of these nuts for Slander or Libel? Please?

  • D_C_Wilson

    This was about the first decent thing McCain has done in years. I’ll note it and give him a check in the positive column for it. It doesn’t come close to countering all the surly, obstructionist, and downright vile things he’s done, but I’ll still commend him for doing the decent thing.

    Of course, it doesn’t come close to absolving him for almost inflicting VP Palin on the nation. For that, he’d have to open up all of his seven or houses to homeless and walk around in a hair shirt for the rest of his life.

  • IrishGrrrl

    While it is a refreshing change from his behavior of the last couple of years, I agree, it doesn’t absolve him. It’s nice to know that he does have a line that he won’t cross….at least for now.

  • mattpd

    and I know I’m not supposed to go there… but grover norquist is married to a muslim woman. why don’t the crazies try 6 degrees of muslim brotherhood with her too?

    • paleotectonics

      Frank Gaffney, Batshit Shelley’s primary source, has gone there – Gaffney is no longer allowed at CPAC because of it.

  • mattpd

    i give him some credit. but a true maverick would’ve called out bachmann, gohmert, et al by name.
    And I too was troubled by the detailed level he chose to describe it. It was reinforcing the message and broadcasting to a larger audience of people who will choose to believe it.

  • roxsteady

    Actually, that bastard won’t get any credit from me and should’t get any from anyone else and here’s why….while we all may be well aware that he was talking about Bachmann, HE NEVER MENTIOED HER BY NAME! PUSSY! To the casual observer of politics and there are plenty of those folks in this country, they don’t have a clue who the hell he was talking about!

  • Broadway Carl

    I agree with you 100%, Bob, but you have to give him credit for pointing out the zanies in his own party (even though he didn’t mention names) as opposed to say, The Weeper of the House for refusing to reign in the same crazies.

    Despite my disgust for the man in general for putting Mama Grizzly on the national stage to the detriment of our country, I think for once, I’ll just choose to give kudos when it’s earned without caveats. …Just this once.