Quote of the Day

“Under the proposed law, concealed handgun licenses would be acceptable forms of photo ID, but student IDs would not. Many of those without IDs would have to travel great distances to get them, and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. We call those poll taxes.” Attorney General Eric Holder on the Texas Voter ID law

By extension, the Republicans pushing the Voter ID laws are pushing for a return to Jim Crow. It's all Southern Strategy racism and I'm glad to see the administration call it what it is.

  • mrbrink

    Quite an opposite day contrast from Alberto Gonzalez and Karl Rove conspiring to fire attorneys generals who didn’t go along with their little mad dog trench war on the right to vote when Republicans were overtly abusing their power in the White House.

    Because people voted for these hurtful, spiteful, treasonous Tea Party sonsabitches, Eric Holder has his work cut out for him and I think this was a polite way of saying so. So obviously he should be replaced by people who think Karl Rove is an upstanding member of society and who are still having great successes– Postpartum Bush Depression– separating poor and minority voters from their democracy.

    I’d like to see more subversive street-level art helping to point these things out. More leftist guerrilla propaganda tactics in the streets something akin to “the Bat Signal.”