Election 2012

Romney Fever! Catch It!

John Boehner has a fever. Romney fever. And there ain't no cure!

According to Roll Call, the House Speaker said at a fundraiser in West Virginia last month that "the American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney."

Roll Call reports that at the June 30 event, a female attendee asked Boehner, "Can you make me love Mitt Romney?" He responded, "No."

This was at a fundraiser. You know, where you're supposed to bring the hype. This, evidently, was about as much hype as Boehner could muster for his nominee.

  • Miranda

    *que Bonnie Raitt*
    I can’t make you love me…………if u don’t.
    You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t!

  • hanadora444

    Boehner is a high-ranking politician. You just know that he has to be a masterful liar. It’s part of the job spec. He just doesn’t care enough to try. Of course, I wouldn’t either.

  • mrbrink

    And what sort of wackadoo upper class trailer trash is looking to fall in love with Mitt fucking Romney? What sort of toothless cheeto-finger tabloid queen needs to be sold into that authoritarian patriarchy of overachieving legacy dipshits? I’d love to see her face. Tough sell, Lady. What’s taking you so long?! How can you not have already fallen in love with the Republican party’s platform of stripping your happy ass of your reproductive rights and objectifying your equal pay and bringing back the smack to the lip if you get out of line? Not for this love seeker. Just marry Mitt Romney and all your troubles will melt away like your life and death rights and safety net. You can always suffer in silence through a loveless marriage.

  • mrbrink

    Yeah, Boehner was at a fundraiser held by Robert “Mine Disaster’ Murray, CEO of the Murray Energy Corp, one of the largest independent operators of coal mines in the country according to the internet. Thousands and thousands of safety violations at his company’s mines building his wealth on the backs of the hidden cost deferments to the environment, poor labor practices, and criminal ethics violations.

    You know? Just like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker!

    The venue for the fundraiser actually had to be moved from Ohio to West Virginia because of power outages.

    Murray Energy Corp.! Making that Dirty Energy Fail Shake to Go!

    It’s like there are no tomorrow’s for the GOP. They can eat what they want say what they want and do whatever they want.