Super Stupid

Did you know the villain in the new Batman film, which Limbaugh doesn't even know the name of, is Bane? And did you know Romney worked for Bain? Holy crap! It's a liberal plot!

Bane first appeared in Batman comics in 1993.

Maybe Bane was created retroactively. You know, with the use of the president's time machine. The same time machine used to plant his birth certificate 50 years ago.

  • JBShakes

    The truly amazing thing is that this asshole actually had the nerve to use the phrase “MADE UP CONTROVERSY” about SOMETHING ELSE before going on to further discuss his “Batman will help Obama steal the election” theory.

    When we finally round up the folks for the rocketship into the sun, Limbaugh needs a front row seat.

    Or we could strap him to the roof like Romney’s dog.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Some-fat-one is knockin back the oxycontin again.

  • Lazarus Durden

    After listening to the clip I still don’t know whether Rush is mocking the people who think this will have an impact “Bane vs. Bain” on the election or if he’s stating that it was done purposefully.

    I can’t really follow his rambling. Was there a point in all that mess?

    “I don’t know when the sound engineer is gonna play that. He’s all on his own…” *wipes mouth and downs another bit of Jack Daniels chased with crushed Hillbilly Heroin.*

  • burbank_burt

    The Stupid… it burns!
    Naming a villain “Bane” makes perfect sense, since the definition of the word bane is:
    1- A cause of great distress or annoyance.
    2- Something, typically poison, that causes death.

    • Zirgar

      Then Rush Limbane it is!

    • Draxiar

      Seems Romney should have chosen a better name for his company. I mean really, if the word sounds like another word that means something else…something bad…wouldn’t you choose something else? Just because I may name a company “Phuqued” and it isn’t spelled the other way doesn’t mean it’s the best name for a company.

      Unless, Romney was saying that Bain Capitol was really “A cause of great distress” Capitol…maybe he was trying to warn us of something…hrm…

  • Maddie772


  • LeShan Jones

    Fat boy is constantly lashing out at anything he can use as a percieved slight against CONservatards. And then has the audacity to claim it’s our side always playing the victim role.
    He’s an irrelevant man still trying to pretend that he’s relivant.

  • mrbrink

    You’re so Bain, you probably think this film is about you, don’t you? Don’t you?

    • delosgatos

      First and wins the thread. +1.