Open Thread

The Colorado Shooting

Ranting about anything else right now feels inappropriate to me so I'm just going to leave this here for now.

Currently available information tells us that at least 12 people were killed and as many as 71 were injured in last night's Colorado theater shooting.

The shooter was former medical student James Holmes. He used an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remington 870 shotgun, 2 Glock pistols, and tear gas during his assault on the theater. Holmes' apartment was also apparently booby-trapped according to the local police chief.

I have nothing more to add right now other than the not-surprising fact that members of the media and the usual suspects in the conservative blogosphere are embarrassing themselves and America while framing the situation. I certainly won't be joining them. The politics can wait for at least one day, for shit's sake.

You can discuss it here if you wish.

  • nicole

    Yeah, it can wait. Well said, Ashby.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Well said, Asby

  • Josh Dobbin

    I haven’t watched the news because the first few days are always useless chatter of asshole talking heads. I heard enough about his armor and gear though, and his car parked directly by the exit door.

    This is the thing I’m wondering: If he was head to toe in armor with a helmet, gas mask, throat and groin kevlar, with two long weapons strapped to him and two big pistols and a tear gas canister, I assume he didn’t buy a ticket and go through the lobby and into the theater. All the logistics of having that gear would require him to “suit up” kind of in advance. And his car was right by the exit.

    So who opened the door? I gotta think that he couldn’t have pre-propped it hours before, since theater workers have to check the exits when they clean up a theater before a show, and a big-ticket, sold-out show like this would mean that they’d make sure nobody was unlocking the exit to let friends in. So how’d the door open? Was there a guy who went to the front before this guy came in?

    Have there been reports of anybody going to let him in? This level of pre-meditation, there’s precedent in gross crime history for a dynamic of a killer-couple, to vibe off one another in the planning stages and all. Columbine, the Truman Capote COLD BLOOD killings, the Hillside Strangler cousins, etc.

    The idea of a conspirator getting away scott free makes me almost as sick as the fact that this nobody destroyed so many lives in so few seconds.

    • ninjaf

      I did hear an eye witness this morning on CBS say that someone got a phone call and left through the exit just as the movie was starting. I have not heard anyone else talk about it. Not sure if it was the suspect, a different person who accidentally allowed him to get in, or an accomplice.

      Editing to update: Just saw on the CBS evening news that it was the suspect.

  • caty zeitler

    Thank You