Election 2012

The Latest Karl Rove Disaster

Here's Rove's new Crossroads GPS commercial attacking Tim Kaine's campaign for Senate in Virginia, with the totally untrue claim that the stimulus failed.

See that? Rove's evidence that the stimulus failed was a headline from the Wall Street Journal op/ed page. Reality proves otherwise, of course, because every indicator shows that the stimulus kept the economy from lapsing into a deeper recession, it reversed GDP from an 8 percent shrinkage to 2 percent growth per quarter, it turned 800,000 job losses per month into 200,000 jobs created per month, etc, etc, etc. But it doesn't matter. This ad, and several others targeting Democratic Senate candidates, is part of a $2.5 million effort by Rove to deceive the public about each candidate.

  • mrbrink

    Democrats like Tim Kaine should start calling out Rove, especially, by name at every campaign stop. Take the war to them and give Rove a rhetorical garbage can beating in the streets so everyone can see. A majority of people hate that little festering fuck face pus boy and Democrats should start mocking him, remind people who these wealth hoarding women-hating racist pig fuckers are, and piss in the face of his money backers while wearing that scurvy little war criminal piece of shit’s war on the American people’s democracy as a secondary flagpin/badge of honor. No sarcasm, or smirking acknowledgement. Like, “ha ha, that’s just Rove.” No, motherfuckers in Layman America! Karl Rove is trying to steal the presidency, like he did for George W. Bush because he thinks you’re too stupid to remember who and what really fucked this country up. Welcome these pasty pukey fucks with two rhetorical fists. They are cowards and bullies and expect no one, especially Senate Democrats, to dare to challenge them in an open forum. “Welcome their hate,” as FDR did.