Election 2012

This Is Pathetic

Mitt Romney think it's very unfair that the American people expect full financial disclosure before they place you in the most powerful office in the world, and he wants to know why no one asked Teresa Heinz Kerry to release her returns.

“John Kerry ran for president,” Mitt Romney said Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.” “You know, his wife, who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. Somehow, this wasn’t an issue.”

Why would you go out of your way to compare yourself to the failed presidential bid of John Kerry? Is Romney running for First Lady?

John Kerry released 20 years of tax returns, by the way.

What could possibly be in Romney's returns that's so bad he's willing to suffer the political consequences of not releasing them? My personal theories range from paying zero taxes for several years, to laundering money, to hiding vast sums of income to avoid tithing to the Mormon church. Perhaps there is something in them he doesn't want his family to know about.

As long as Romney refuses to disclose it, we can only speculate. All we know for certain is that it must be something really bad.

The first person to report what he's hiding wins a Pulitzer.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The real reason that Mittens doesn’t want to release his tax returns is because it’ll show just how little he pays. That undermines his entire campaign thesis that the “job creators” are poor benighted souls who just yearn to create more jobs but can’t due to the oppressive Obamacarekenyan taxes.

  • BenAu

    In response to Mitt’s floundering:

    Rusted-on-Republican: “Leave Mitt alone!”
    Undecided voter: “Man, just what is he hiding?”
    Everyone else: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – it hurts – ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

  • hanadora444

    I do remember hearing recently that, on the one return he did release, he apparently claimed Mrs. Romney’s Dancing Horse for a 77K “business” expense. That can’t be right.

  • roxsteady

    What a douchebag. I was watching the Stephanie Miller show on Current TV this morning and, she restated what she’d been told last week by the biker types that the picture of Romney riding on the back of the Jetski with Ann constuted what they call “Riding Bitch”, so this morning she read a follow up email from someone who said there’s a t-shirt that bikers also wear with this written on the back of it
    “If You Can Read This, The Bitch Fell Off” which I though was hysterical. Mitt does spend a lot of time hiding behind Ann. I guess he likes “Riding Bitch”!

  • mrbrink

    The calls on the right for Romney to release his tax returns are so pathetic.

    It’s so politically bad right now for the GOP spin machine and Mitt Romney’s campaign, they’d rather expose the tax returns and put that out there as misdirection to get away from the questions of felony fraud. It’s all about narrative control and misdirection for a campaign sinking fast.

    They’d rather be defending a rich guy’s complicated tax returns against his will, and spinning it is as Romney The Transparent and jealous Liberals with our success-hating wealth-envy, than the media openly speculating about his obvious Felony fraud, continued secrecy and now desperate misdirection.

    By the way, if you’re caught falsifying a food stamp application, you could go to prison for up to ten years.

  • majii

    I also found it amazing that he bombed out on Fox, the political arm of the GOP. I think that if he reveals several more years of his tax returns, they will show that he has more money residing in offshore accounts, and that he’s been paying taxes at a much lower rate than that of any of the people he wants to vote for him in November. It would destroy The Ryan Budget Plan and make his endorsement of it look like he’s only looking out for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, which, in reality, he is.

  • gescove

    No one needs to know how much he spends to support his multiple wives. Religious freedom to practice his Mormon faith means those questions are out of bounds. Come on people, let’s respect the Constitution. For Pete’s sake.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Romney’s stragedy is to recite a passage from the Wizard of Oz.


  • mrbrink

    I can’t believe he actually went after John Kerry’s wife like that. Holy shit, man. He’s going down fast.

    • agrazingmoose

      On television, no less. Run the replay!

  • RickInSaltLake

    Maybe his returns are like this:

  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    Now, I’m not saying he donated money to the Jerry Sandusky defense fund…

    • MrDHalen

      I’m just asking the question. No harm in that.

      • roxsteady

        “Some Say It’s Possible”! Right Gretchen? Sauce for the Goose!